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7 Ways to Have a Better 2017

It’s a pretty general consensus that 2016 wasn’t the greatest of years. There were plenty of celebrity deaths, the death of a gorilla, way too many terrorist attacks, and not to mention that dreadful Presidential Election. However, with all the terrible things that happened in 2016, we have plenty to look forward to in the upcoming year.

One of the worst things in the world is F.O.M.O (fear of missing out). We’ve all had it at some point and it’s not a great feeling. But 2016 took the cake with F.O.M.O as we used it to talk ourselves into doing things we didn’t want to do. We didn’t want to miss that party or that event so we forced ourselves to go out and we hated it. So let 2017 be the year we finally say no to going out when you would rather stay in. This may be the thing that makes us a bit happier.

As people with great technology we love to take pictures. We take pictures and videos of ourselves, our pets, even our food! We feel like in order to remember the moment we must document it. But doesn’t that make taking pictures less special and meaningful. I mean do you really want to sit there one day when you’re eighty and sort through 28,374,621 pictures of your breakfast? Probably not. But maybe we should make 2017 the year we live more in the moment and less through technology. Don’t get me wrong taking pictures is wonderful and we should do it, but maybe we should capture the more special moments.

Find your passion and pursue it. This is a pretty simple one. Maybe you don’t know what your passion is, maybe you do. Maybe you already are pursuing it. Whatever it is make sure that 2017 is a year worth living and remembering.

If you’re anything like me money and finances isn’t one of your strong suites. It’s difficult for me to keep all my stuff together. And saving money is one of the most difficult things in the world. However, as hard as it is, 2017 should be the year you get your money in order. Whether it’s saving money, paying off credit card bills, or finding a better job, there is probably something all of us need to do in regards to money in the new year.

The more time that goes by, the more fitness becomes important. Some of us don’t have time, others don’t have the motivation, and some of us just don’t find it to be a very enjoying time and would rather be doing something else. So find a gym buddy. Someone to keep you motivated and hold you accountable. You will not only be motivated, but it may also be more enjoyable.

Maybe there is something you have always wanted to do, but you were too afraid to do it. Maybe you always have excuses of why you can’t or shouldn’t. Make this the year you step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Do something exciting and fun.

And lastly, make 2017 the year you live a happier life. Be positive and grateful. 2016 wasn’t the best of years, but maybe that makes for a promising 2017. And always remember, the year is only as good as you make it. So do what you want, say what you want, and go with your heart. I promise you will thank yourself in the years ahead.

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