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Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Appreciate or Value You

All relationships have pitfalls. It’s a part of it. However, if you are in a relationship where your significant other doesn’t appreciate you or takes advantage of you, you probably aren’t going to be very happy. There are a few ways that you can tell if you’re partner is taking advantage of you. Some you can notice early on, others may take time.

1. Your partner never says “thank you”.

This is a clear sign that your partner doesn’t appreciate you. If you are always doing nice things for them and complimenting them and they don’t say “thank you” it’s probably not going to last. Both parties in a relationship should feel loved and appreciated. If you don’t feel this you should speak that to your partner. If they care about you they will apologize and try harder.

2. Your partner never asks your opinion.

I have personally experienced this one. It’s difficult when you are in a relationship and your partner never asks you what you think. It’s more than just your opinion on what to do, but also your opinion on the relationship matters. What happens, when it happens, and things like that. Your partner should never be the one making all of the decisions.

3. Your partner makes plans and doesn’t relay that to you.

Another personal experience. Once or twice is okay, but if it happen consecutively you have a problem my friend. It’s so easy to fall into a pit when the person you care about doesn’t care about you in return. If your partner makes plans and leaves you in the dark you are left sitting there wondering why they aren’t replying. It really hurts to have someone ignore you for hours and then have them tell you they were out doing something.

Let me make this clearer. They were out having a good time while you sat at home feeling as though something is wrong.

4. Your partner doesn’t do their fair share.

If your partner never helps you with any tasks and leaves you to do everything they are definitely not a keeper. It’s pretty obvious early on if you will have a problem with this. If your partner never offers to help you, you may need to just move on. Because although this isn’t a huge problem, it could potentially lead to bigger issues.

5. Your partner doesn’t make much effort to be romantic.

Some people aren’t the most romantic people, but the effort can still be made. The smallest things make the biggest difference, especially when your partner isn’t the most romantic. It shows how truly caring and loving they are.

6. Your partner is unfaithful.

If your partner is cheating on you they definitely don’t value you or your relationship. They are not afraid of losing you. You shouldn’t stay in this kind of situation. You deserve so much more that to be someone’s second choice.

7. Your partner doesn’t ask about your day.

Maybe they don’t think to ask. Maybe they don’t care. Regardless, if your partner isn’t interested in how your day went or what you did, they probably aren’t all that interested in you.

8. Your partner doesn’t consider your feelings.

This is one that will be pretty obvious from the get go. If they do and say things they know you don’t like or hurt you they aren’t worth keeping around. You should be with someone who cares enough to consider your feelings before doing or saying something. You shouldn’t have to be hurt all the time.

9. Your partner comes and goes as they please.

If your partner goes a significant amount of time without seeing or talking to you and then pops up whenever they feel like, they shouldn’t be in your time. Because that shows that you aren’t worth their time or attention, so you shouldn’t give them yours.

10. Your partner doesn’t listen.

If your partner never listens or pays attention to anything you say they aren’t worth your time. Especially if they get upset if you don’t listen to them. No relationship should be one-sided.

If you feel that your partner is doing any or all of these things discuss it with them. If they listen and are understanding, give them another chance. Give them the opportunity to show you that they do value and appreciate you. If they get mad and defensive, it may be time to cut the cord. Pull the plug on the relationship and move on to bigger and better things.

Happy reading! #saysomethingsaturday

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