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You Are Not a Product of Your GPA

College is stressful. Between grades, work, a social life, and basic hygiene it’s hard to find time for everything. It can be stressful when you feel like everything is riding on that little number known as your GPA. It’s usually not thought much about until finals week comes around. And though it is significant and you should worry about it, it’s not the only thing.

There are people who wholeheartedly believe that this overwhelming stress from school and social situations is part of what we sign up for as college students. But it isn’t. We sign up to do our very best and leave with a diploma. We need to remember that it’s more than just our GPA.

You are not a product of your GPA. Who you are and what you are capable of is not determined by your GPA. Most jobs you apply for don’t even factor in your GPA when considering hiring you. It’s about the way you present yourself and what you show you can do. It’s about the will to learn and achieve. So while, yes, your GPA is significant while in school, it won’t make or break you.

The most important thing is that you take care of yourself. Both mentally and physically. This will keep you sharp and focused. You will do better overall if you feel better. So instead of sitting up until 2 a.m. studying for a test, study as much as you can and go to bed at a reasonable time. You will feel so much more ready and focused with sleep than with studying.

The saying “Pain is temporary but GPA is forever” is false. Truthfully, it usually doesn’t go past college. There are more important things, like taking care of yourself, that you should worry about. Doing well inn your classes is a crucial part of college, but not so much that it gets in the way of taking care of your mind and body. Make sure to keep this in mind as you head back to school in a few weeks. Take care of yourself. You are a product of who you are. You are not a product of your GPA.



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