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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are enjoying your Friday. One of my absolute favorite things in the world is Gilmore Girls. I watch it every single day. It’s typically my choice way of procrastinating (anyone with me?). I love the show and the characters dearly. So when I saw someone had done this tag I decided to answer the questions for myself. I hope you enjoy this!

Do you own the collection? No, but I feel like I should.

What was you first introduction to Gilmore Girls? My grandma used to watch it. The first episode I ever remember seeing is the one with Dean’s bachelor party. But more recently I started the whole series on Netflix. That came during my Freshman year of college and I’ve watched it four times since then.

Dave or Zack? I think I liked Dave a little bit more, but I do love Zack. I love how him and Lane got together and that whole story line. I am not opposed to either one. I feel like I would have been happy no matter how that went.

Favorite character and why? Honest to God, my favorite character is Kirk. I just love him so much. There is something endearing about him. I know some people don’t particularly like him, but I really did. I understand the argument for both. But I think he is so funny and quirky and original.

Lorelai or Rory? Lorelai.

Team Dean, Jess, or Logan? Logan. I think he is a healthy mix between Dean and Jess.

How many books have you read from Rory’s reading list? I’m sure I’ve read at least a couple. I don’t actually know what the official list is, but I’ve read a lot of books so I’m sure to have read at the very least two or three.

Would you rather only be allowed to drink coffee or never eat pop tarts again? I would have to say never eat pop tarts again. Because though I love pop tarts, I don’t particularly care for coffee and would not enjoy only being allowed to drink it.

Who is your least favorite character? Off the top of my head I would have to say Jason Stiles. I just didn’t like the way he carried himself and the relationship between him and Lorelai just didn’t fit for me.

Are you team Christopher or team Luke? I am Team Max. I know it was the beginning and it just wasn’t meant to be, but I will always love Max. Christopher just wasn’t there as much as he should have been and their marriage was just way to sudden and out of the blue. And with Luke the whole situation with April kind of bothered me. I do support the Lorelai/Luke relationship and I do understand why people love it so much. So I guess for the sake of the original question, I am on Team Luke.

Who would win in a fight between Mrs. Kim and Taylor? I would have to say Mrs. Kim. She’s scary.

Who would spread the fastest rumor, Miss Patty or Babette? Miss Patty because literally every time something needs to be spread really quickly they always say, “Tell Miss Patty”.

If you could have dinner with any cast member, who would it be? So many to choose from! Why are you making me choose? I would have to say Lauren Graham. Although I wouldn’t turn down dinner with any cast member if you know what I mean.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments whose team you are on for both Gilmore Girls. Feel free to respond to any of the questions in the comments. I would love to have a conversation about it. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

2 comments on “Gilmore Girls Tag

  1. Rikki says:

    I love this post! I’ve seen every episode a good 10 times and it never gets old.

    Liked by 1 person

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