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Hey guys! Welcome back. We live in a society that has led us to believe that if our period is late or we miss it, we must be pregnant. While that could be a reason, it is far from being the only one. So here are some alternative reasons your period might be late if you know you aren’t pregnant.

1. Major weight loss. If you start losing weight at a fast pace, your body may not know how to react. While losing weight is typically a good thing, it may cause your cycle to change and fluctuate. So if you notice you’re dropped some pounds, missing your period shouldn’t come as a shock.

2. Stress. Stress is a common factor when it comes to being late or missing a period. Significant amounts of stress can cause your hormones to get out of balance and therefore your period cycle can change or skip. When you are affected by stress, your physical body is also affected.

3. Birth control. If you are on birth control, or recently started, your periods may be irregular. Birth control has low estrogen, so you can often expect few or non-existent periods. For many this is a welcomed side effect, but if you weren’t aware of this and started birth control this is a factor.

4. Certain medications. Late or missed periods is also a side effect in other medications besides birth control. If you are concerned, ask you doctor about the medicines you are taking. If you buy something at the store, look at the side effects. You may need to stop taking that medicine or take less of it.

What are some reasons you know of? Let us know in the comments! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

3 comments on “Alternative Reasons Your Period Might Be Late

  1. Bayance says:

    So true!! When I was younger and my friend missed her period, I dragged her to the health teacher to ask if she was going to have a baby. My health teacher was horrified and said “nooo it’s normal to have it irregular in the first couple years” so that was embarrassing because I knew no better. Turns out PCOS runs in her family and that was one of the symptoms so yeah, it’s not always going to be pregnancy. Especially if you’re a child haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bayance says:

    Also, I know I’m being super annoying, but I tried to reach out to you on email and social media and just wanted to ask if we were still going to plan for March. Let me know when you can.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly things have been so crazy over here, so if I haven’t gotten back to you, just know that I am not ignoring you and I do apologize. I will get back with you as soon as possible.

      Liked by 1 person

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