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Hey guys. Tonight I wanted to write this because I think it’s something we all need to hear. It is something I have been struggling with for a while and I think sometimes we just need to hear the truth. And for me, this is the truth. It wasn’t easy to come to but I think I have finally reached the point where I have to face the facts.

The greatest thing you will ever do for yourself is to listen to what you want from life. Ignore the advice from others, ignore the “supposed to’s”, ignore the opinions. Ignore the people who are telling you how you should exist. It won’t be easy, but it never is. Finding the version of yourself that you want to be and that will bring you happiness isn’t going to be easy. You won’t always be comfortable. Miracles won’t come into your life everyday. It won’t always be magical. But sometimes it will. And those are the moments that you have to hold out for.

It is confusing. It’s hard. It’s difficult being the person who doesn’t follow the same guidelines as everyone else. We all have things that we thought we wanted and we changed our minds. We all go down different paths and grow into different versions of ourselves. But that is what life is about. It’s not easy to be the person who changes. It’s not easy to be the person who is different. It’s not always fun.

However, it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It will push you forward. You will keep working to find that version of yourself that you want to be. You are learning to live on your own terms in a world where most people are too afraid to do that. You will start to figure out what matters to you and what your heart aches for. You will learn to love yourself for who you are and not what everyone else thinks you should be.

The most important thing is to be the person you always needed, and not the person you were always told to be. Because life is about finding what happiness means to you. Not what it means to anyone else. Your heart matters and you need to value it. Choose the life and the love that feels right to you. Don’t chase something that isn’t meant to be yours. Be the version of yourself that is going to help you the most. Be the version that makes you want to get up everyday. Choose the version of yourself that makes you happy you kept fighting for what you wanted. Be yourself and choose to value your heart unapologetically. Free yourself from what everyone else is telling you. It’s not up to them. It’s your life and you have to live it.

Give yourself permission to let go. Give yourself permission to choose yourself. Forgive the people who hurt you so you can let go. Choose to turn the heartache and rejection into lessons and growth. Never stop living to become the best version of yourself. Choose to move forward. Write the story that is going to fulfill you – body, mind, and soul. Because no matter how you feel right now, you matter.

Surround yourself with people who see the value in who you are right now, not the person you are going to be. Fill your life with people who guard your heart just as carefully as they guard theirs. Find your way to the happiness that only exists because you kept fighting for it. Keep fighting. Keep working to be the best version of yourself, but also the happiest version of yourself. And if you ever get there, never let go.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you made it all the way through you, my sweet friend, are a trooper. Keep fighting and never let go.

4 comments on “I Have Something To Say…

  1. Thank you, I really needed to read this! x


  2. lifeatablur says:

    So true! I can tell you from experience that 15 years of my life went by and I can’t get them back by doing what all around me wanted me to do. Now after a lot of work on myself I am doing ME! Still working on the best me that I want to be. I have a way to go but it is so refreshing to know that I am doing what I want to with my life and gives me the drive I need and want in my life! Sometimes It is very difficult but Keep Looking forward and taking the next step. Life is not easy but It is worth it when you stay Productive! It also really helps to make goals for yourself! I journal daily! It helps me see the progress I have made and keeps me on track of where I want to be!


  3. kittyp0p says:

    You’re totally right 👏🏼 thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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