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Hey guys! Welcome back. Everyone has habits, whether they are good or bad. They effect who we are, what our days are like, and sometimes how we view and impact the world around us. So today I decided to talk about why I think you should track your habits. This is something that I found my bullet journal is really great at helping with. It helps me keep up with what is going well and what is not going well. There are things on both sides of that. But here are seven reasons why you should track your habits.

You are more likely to continue them.

This goes without saying, but does it really? You are more likely to keep up with something if you are tracking it. If you want to lose weight, you keep track from the beginning how much you weigh. Of course when tracking any habit, you don’t want to do it obsessively, but you do want to keep track of any progress. You will keep up with it if you are holding yourself accountable.

It gives you a sense of everyday accomplishment.

There are big accomplishments and there are small accomplishments. There is a kind of simple satisfaction that comes from tracking your goals because it means you are keeping up with them. You are allowed setbacks, but when you keep going and reach goals, you feel a certain kind of pride. It is really amazing to feel like you are on track and really keeping up with everything.

You will figure out what needs more work.

For a much more practical reason, tracking your habits will show you what is working and what is not. It can be easy to see what habits you need to adjust, what habits you have been doing great at, and what habits just aren’t working out at all. You can adjust and make alterations easier because you will have a visual as to what is going on with your habit building. If you aren’t tracking it, it can seem as though nothing is really being accomplished. You can find new ways to motivate and challenge yourself.

You will feel more in control.

With everything going on, it can be easy to lose control. Tracking your habits and seeing the progress (and the setbacks) will help you feel more in control of what is going on. You will be able to visualize the control and know what is going on. You have the power to make your habits good, healthy habits. So having control is vital. Knowing you have control of your life is essential to living a healthy and happy lifestyle. You make the decisions to build the best habits. It’s up to you.

You see the progress.

I touched on this earlier, but it is a really important reason to track your habits. If you want to make your bed everyday, tracking that will help you know if you have made your bed everyday. Seeing how much progress you have made everyday can be a huge motivating factor when you look back and look forward. Knowing where you need to go from a certain point is much easier if the visual is there to help guide you.

You will appreciate how powerful they are.

Both good and bad habits have power over us. They are what make us tick. So once you start tracking your habits you will see that while you are in control, the habits you have are powerful. That is why it is so difficult to change them. Once a habit is formed it is difficult to break it. Tracking helps you break the bad habits and build the good ones.

You will see that you get where you are based on your habits.

If you want a good job, you have to have good habits. If you want to start a business, you have to have good habits. If you want to live healthy, you have to have good habits. If you don’t care, you can have bad habits. The life you want to live is centered around your habits. So I recommend tracking them so you can see just how much they are affecting how you live your life and where it is headed and adjust accordingly.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments why you track your habits. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

3 comments on “Why You Should Track Your Habits

  1. I completely agree. I need to track more!

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  2. kittyp0p says:

    Yes yes and yes! I number my goals and mark them each day once they’re done (:

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