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Hey guys! Welcome back. I know it’s almost the end of the week, but I figured you could have this in reference for the weeks to come. These are motivational messages from me to you to help you cultivate the life you want, week by week. These are things I constantly tell or ask myself. I think they are important things that we should remind ourselves so we can better ourselves and continue to be content in our lives.

1. Ask yourself if what you are doing supports the life you are trying to create. If the answer is yes, then continue. If the answer is no, then find out if it is something you can let go of. Whether it is a project, a job, or whatever else. If it does not support what you are trying to do or the person you are trying to become, you don’t need to do it. You should always be striving to do your best work and live your best life, so I highly recommend assessing something. Especially if it’s something you don’t want to be doing. Ask yourself if it is bringing you closer to a more fulfilling life.

2. Do what you were created to do. I’m a writer. It’s what I do. Everyone was created to do something and that is ultimately what you should be doing. The thing you were created to do should bring you joy, but also fulfillment. You should work hard, but be satisfied and whole in doing it. Doing what you were born to do will make getting up and doing things so much easier. If you are in a job you hate, you will be resentful and bitter. Doing what you were created to do, though it may be stressful, will be rewarding and you will see the value in it. You will never question why you are doing it.

3. Anyone trying to bring you down is already below you. There will be people in your life who try to bring you down. There will be negativity in your life. However, it’s not something that should ever deter you from your dreams and the life you were born to live. There life is not your life. There passions are not your passions. There negativity is not your negativity. Don’t let them sink you to their level. Rise above it and lead by example. You will be far happier.

4. Be afraid and do it anyway. Fear is a natural part of life. I feel afraid everyday (I’m a naturally fearful person). And sometimes I don’t do it anyway. But recently I have been striving to do the things that scare me a little it because that is how we grow. If we never put ourselves out there, we won’t know what is on the other side. We don’t know how much we can gain if we never step outside of our comfort zones. It’s okay to be scared. But never let it hold you back.

5. The process may be slow, but quitting won’t make it any faster. When things don’t go at the pace we want, we sometimes feel the urge to quit. Sometimes we do quit. But that doesn’t solve anything. Quitting only makes it harder to get the things we want. So don’t give up. Keep going. It may be a long ride, but it’s worth it in the end. Trust yourself and you purpose and it will get easier.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments some motivational messages that get you through the week if you have any. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

2 comments on “Motivational Messages For A Better Week

  1. melisssnydergmailcom says:

    Wonderful post! Thank you for this positivity!!

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