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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you had a great week. I have almost made it to the end of the semester. Wish me good luck. I’m going to need it. Today I thought I would talk about being mindful. It is super important and unfortunately something we often don’t think about. There are ways to be mindful and be aware of what is going on. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can do that.

1. Enjoy your morning. It always begins with your first moments of the day. If you are always rushing and never get up on time, it is difficult to enjoy your morning. That is why allowing yourself time to sleep at night is important. You will be able to get up in the morning and actually enjoy your time. You can have time to get ready, eat breakfast, and prepare for the day ahead.

2. Get caught up in the present. Too often we focus on the past or try to prepare for the future. We sometimes don’t take the time to focus on the present and be content with where we are. So it is important for us to be mindful of what is going on in the moment and be sure to be focused. It really helps in the long run if we start living in the moment and being aware.

3. Breathe. Breathing helps you practice mindfulness because if you are focusing on breathing and relaxing, you aren’t focusing on much else. So if you want to keep being mindful, take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. Allow your mind and body to relax and know that life is bigger than this moment and it’s going to be okay. Don’t let yourself get into a fit. Just be mindful of the breathing and relaxing.

4. Slow down and be intentional. We live such fast paced lives that it is sometimes very difficult to slow ourselves down and have better intentions. We would rather get a lot of things accomplished that a few, really great things accomplished. So be mindful of your intentions and allow yourself the time to do them. It is such an important part of practicing mindfulness.

5. Focus. This goes along with that. When you sit down to work on something, give it your undivided attention. Make sure you are focused on what you are doing. This will help you be mindful of what you are doing and what is going on. You are less likely to make mistakes and more likely to feel successful at the end. Limit distractions as much as you can.

6. Acknowledge feelings. Part of being mindful is being aware of your feelings. You need to understand how you feel, what is causing those feelings, and how to express those feelings in a healthy way. It will help you a lot in the long run because all those feelings and emotions won’t be bottled up in a way that is negative or unhealthy. Allow yourself to work through all of your emotions, both good and bad.

7. Take in the beauty around you. There is so much beauty around us, but we often times don’t take the time to appreciate it. Therefore, a great way to start practicing mindfulness is to start taking in all the nature and the beautiful sites. Start noticing things you had not noticed before. Take a look around the places you go everyday and notice all the beauty. I promise your life will change.

8. Be patient. Not everything is going to go your way and it may not go at your pace. So just be patient with yourself and other people. Understand that life is not perfect and no one is either. It is important when practicing mindfulness that you learn patience and learn that not everything is run on time. Some things we have to wait for and that is okay. It is all about learning that some things are beyond our control.

9. Journal your thoughts. One thing that I really enjoy that helps me with mindfulness is blogging. However, if you don’t want to blog or you need to get personal, journaling may be a better option. It allows you to get your thoughts and ideas out and work through them. I also journal because it helps me organize my thoughts and ideas when it comes to things I’m not ready to blog about.

10. Quit multitasking. For me, this is the biggest way to practice mindfulness. Multitasking is the biggest evil. You think you are getting more done, but you really aren’t. If you just focus on one thing at a time, you are more likely to get it done. You can get done with one thing and then move on to another. If you are constantly going back and forth it will seem like nothing will ever get done.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments what your favorite way to practice mindfulness it. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

4 comments on “Ways To Practice Mindfulness

  1. entermyworldweb says:

    These are some great ways to practice! I agree with all of them and do try to do them daily 🌸 I also love meditating every day now and it really helps. Great post xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love journaling and blogging! They seem to really help me be mindful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great!


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