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Hey guys! Welcome back. I wanted to talk to you today about two subscription services I have tried. I tried Ipsy for almost a year and then made the switch to Boxycharm. I started with Ipsy because it is more affordable and I wanted to see if subscription services would be something I would enjoy. So I wanted to share my thoughts on the two. If you don’t know Ipsy and Boxycharm are both beauty subscription services. Both send you four to five products a month. Ipsy retails for $10 a month and you get trial sized and some full sized products. Boxycharm retails for $21 a month and you get full sized products. So they are both pretty affordable considering what comes in each month.

I was subscribed to Ipsy for almost a year and then decided that I wasn’t really into it. It is great considering it is only $10 a month, but I wasn’t really getting products that excited me. I did get some great items but for a year long subscription I only got two or three products that I really enjoyed. Plus I was not a big fan of the trial sized products when people who are subscribed to Boxycharm get full sized products for only $11 more.

Boxycharm releases a lot of full sized high end products. My box was $21 and it was worth over $140. That is crazy to me. I saved over $100 on products that I would not have been able to try without Boxycharm. I received products from It Cosmetics, Laura Geller, and other brands that are way out of my price range.

So I think if you are going to try one of these subscription services, you should try Boxycharm. You will be able to try a ton of products for a fraction of the cost. Don’t get me wrong, Ipsy is great, but I think Boxycharm has a better value and it just excites me more. I look forward to my next Boxycharm!

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5 comments on “Let’s Talk About Ipsy vs. Boxycharm

  1. bignsmol says:

    Can you put photos sometimes of the products that come in the boxes? 🙂 It’d be so nice to see it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will be doing a video sometime this week and I will show all the products! I will share the link once I do!

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  2. kittyp0p says:

    I started trying Ipsy this year and will probably give it the entire 12 months of bags before deciding whether or not to keep it (: I used to be subscribed to a few different things, but had to cut back once we started saving for our future house. I kept Ipsy cause I had just started it and it was only $10/month. I think if I’m ever NOT working 24/7 I’d love to try Boxycharm, but honestly the small size and amount of items I get in Ipsy is just enough for me and my current lifestyle! I love watching ppl unbox both of them though

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    1. I did Ipsy for 11 months. I started last June and only just decided to give Boxycharm a try. I honestly love it because most of the boxes are over $100 in value. I do give Ipsy its dues though. It is a great subscription service.

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      1. kittyp0p says:

        Yeah for sure 👍🏼

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