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Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I wanted to do something a little different and talk to you about my morning mindset routine. This is the routine I use every single day when I need to get motivated and be productive. These things get me in the right head space and help me prepare for the day ahead. I think having a mindset routine is super important and really beneficial for me. So hopefully this inspires you to create your own. Here are the things I do every single morning as a part of my morning mindset routine.

1. Review my monthly goals. I set goals every month, so it’s important for me to review them everyday to make sure I am keeping up with them and just reminding myself of what they are. It keeps me on track and also motivates me to take steps and make plans to keep working towards those goals. It keeps me focused and driven throughout the day.

2. Write the following in my journal. I was never really big on journaling until I figured out a way to use it that would really help me. So I always include the following things. I write down my top three goals everyday. This is because I usually have quite a few monthly goals, so I try to focus on only three everyday so I don’t get too overwhelmed. This also keeps me focused everyday. I also include my self-beliefs because it is important that I remind myself of all the good things about life and myself. Writing these down is just a great way to start the day and put me in a more positive mood. I write down things like “I am capable of helping other change their lives” and “I believe I will be successful if I stay focused”, just to provide some examples. I also write down what’s on my mind because it let’s me get out any thoughts, ideas, struggles, or anything else that I need to get out. This helps give me a fresh start and work through some things. And lastly, I write down my to-do list because once I know what goals I am working towards, this really helps me have a plan and know what actions I am going to take for the day.

3. Prayer/Bible Time. This is such an important part of my morning routine. It really helps remind me of what is important and spend some time connecting with God and growing in my relationship. It also really lifts up my mindset and gets me prepared to do the very best I can every single day. This is something that I have really focused on building a habit of doing and it has changed the way I view my day no matter how good or bad it is.

And that is my morning mindset routine! I really love it because it is simple, yet very effective. I really enjoy doing all of these things and knowing that they are going to help motivate and focus me. Having time in the morning to prepare for the day provides a drastic difference in my mood heading into the day. So it’s important that I make time to do these things.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. If you did, please like it and check out some of my other posts. I am sure you will like them just as well. Let us know in the comments how you start your day and if you have a mindset routine. Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave and I hope to see you next time!

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