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Hey guys! Welcome back. I never thought I would be sitting here. I never thought I would be sitting so close to my two year blog anniversary. I never thought I would be so close to 1,000 followers. I honestly never dreamed of this. I keep thinking of how much different my life is than what I thought it would be a year ago. I keep thinking of how much I have changed and grown in the past four years and it honestly baffles me.

I used to think that life moved in seasons. I thought everyone’s life was pretty much the same. I thought I would graduate, go to college, find a job, get married, move into a house, and start a family. I mean that’s what was burned into my head as I was growing up. I thought that’s what I was supposed to do because that’s what everyone else did.

But the more I started living that life and heading toward that lifestyle, the more unmotivated I was. I was unhappy and dreaded doing all of those things in that order. I hated the fact that I thought in order to be successful I had to have a job that everyone else approved of and I had to live a lifestyle everyone approved of. And I honestly hated the thought of that.

I know that everyone has a calling, but I don’t believe that everyone has the same calling. I don’t believe that everyone is called to have a “normal” job. I don’t believe everyone is called to be mothers or fathers. I don’t believe that everyone is called to live exactly like the person living next to them. I do, however, believe that we are all called to follow the journey that has been laid out for us. I do believe that everyone has a place in the world and that they add value to it by being themselves.

The important thing is to embrace the season that you are in. It is so important to be able to embrace where you are and what you are doing. I am a college student because that is where I am meant to be right now. I am a blogger because my purpose in life is to help other people and my biggest passion is writing. I am these things because that is who I am meant to be.

I have never for a second doubted being a blogger. I have never doubted that everything I do should benefit someone else in some way. I have never questioned why I have the skills and mindset that I do. I know that they are all part of the plan and I should embrace all of it.

My life is not perfect and I know that. I make mistakes and fall short sometimes. I have ups and downs just like everyone else. But embracing the season that I am in and not waiting for something better has allowed me to grow and be content. I know that there are going to be struggles. But everyone faces that no matter how hard they try to avoid it. I know that I just have to do my best and have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Another thing is you have to let where you are be enough. If you are doing what you love and you find fulfillment in that, let it be enough. Be proud of who you are and what you are doing and just have hope in what the future holds. If you know that God has you where He wants you, let that be enough. Don’t search for things or try to have things that are not meant to be yours. Timing is everything and as frustrating as that is, it is important for us to remember.

If you are unfulfilled, just know that there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to your purpose in life. Not everyone is meant to walk down the same path and that’s okay. Your life is your own and God made you for a specific reason. You are here for a reason and if you aren’t sure what that is, I highly recommend praying. If you have never prayed before or aren’t sure what to ask for, email me. I would love to pray for you so you can have clarity and see the doors that God is opening for you.

Your calling is not the same as someone else’s. Not your parents. Not your friends. Not anyone else. It is your journey and you have to live the life you create. No one else will live it for you. You have to live with the decisions you make. So make sure you follow your calling and not the one someone else says you should live.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are. How are you using your calling? Don’t forget to follow or subscribe before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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4 comments on “There Is No One-Size-Fits All Calling

  1. The Happy Book Blog. says:

    CongratsšŸŒfor the anniversary and nearly 1,000 followers, that’s so amazingšŸ’œ

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      1. The Happy Book Blog. says:

        My pleasurešŸ¤—ā¤

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