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Hey guys! Welcome back. I love planners. They help me stay organized and plan for the future. However, there have been many times in the past that I have been unable to keep up with my planner and eventually altogether stopped using it. So today I wanted to talk you through some reasons that your planner may not be working for you. I hope you find this helpful and learn some new ways to stick to your planner.

1. You aren’t being realistic.

If you plan to be productive and have something going on every second of everyday, it’s not realistic and it won’t all get done. It is important to make sure that you aren’t planning to do things your future self won’t want to do. You have to be realistic when it comes to creating plans and figuring out your schedule.

The issue with unrealistic planning is that it allows more evidence for the negative self-beliefs that we aren’t accomplishing anything and nothing ever gets done. So the best way to eliminate this is to only plan for what you know you can do. You can always add if you need to. It is best to break down all the things you need to do and the prioritize them. Only add to your planner the things that are of top priority. Everything else can wait or be added to another day.

You are not obligated to do everything you need to do in one day. That is unrealistic. However, it is important to make sure that you are being productive when you can and not wasting time. It’s important to find the right balance that makes sense for your lifestyle and what your daily routine is like.

2. You expect to be perfect.

Even if you have a planner that you love and really enjoy using, it’s not going to be perfect. There will be days when you don’t get things done. There will be days when you get nothing done. You are not perfect. But you don’t have to be. You will just have to pick back up the next day and keep going.

If you expect you and your planner to be perfect, you will never get anywhere. Because at no point will everything be the way you want it to be. There will always be struggles and failures. You may find yourself disappointed at times. But in order to stick to your planner, you have to work through it all.

3. You think you will always be motivated.

Sometimes we plan a little too far in advanced and then when the time comes, we aren’t as motivated to do it. So it’s important to remember that just because you put it in your planner, doesn’t mean that you will magically be motivated when it comes time to do it. There is a lot of mental effort that goes into actually completing it.

If you find yourself backing out of plans, it is important to find determination. It is important to figure out how you can motivate yourself. Because just having a planner and writing things in it isn’t going to help that much. It is important to figure out where your source of motivation is so you can stick to your planner.

4. You only follow through if you feel like it.

This is very similar to number three, but it’s also very different. Instead of expecting to feel motivated all the time, you know that you won’t. So you make plans and tell yourself that you will do it if you feel like it. You don’t have the drive or the will to actually do it. Therefore, your planner is not having any real use.

So it’s important to be specific with your plans and have the will power to actually follow through with them. If you write it in your planner, make sure it is something that you will actually do when the time comes. Because not only is it important to have motivation, but it’s also important to have the will power.

5. You get discouraged when you don’t see immediate change.

Just because you start using a planner does not mean you will automatically be the most organized and productive person. You have to build habits and figure out how to get the most out of your planner. If you write things in your planner, but keep bailing on the plans, you won’t see change. Therefore, it’s not the planner that isn’t working, it’s you.

You have to realize that in order to see the change and growth you most desire, you have to put in the effort. Otherwise, it is all for nothing. It won’t happen immediately and you can’t just sit around waiting for it to happen. You have to work hard to get and continue to work even after you have it.

6. You try to plan like everyone else.

Like most things, the way you plan may not be the same as someone else. A lot of people try to force themselves to bullet journal a certain way just because someone else swears by it. But it doesn’t always work out. Rather than bailing on it all together, try to find a method that works for you.

Your system of planning should be your own. It should be something that helps you, not something that hurts. Find ways to plan that you actually enjoy and that you are going to benefit from. Otherwise, your planner will not work for you and things will continue just the way they are.

7. You are letting fear hold you back.

I know how it is. You feel like if you don’t make plans you can’t bail on them and therefore you aren’t letting yourself down. But it’s actually the opposite. By not making plans you are letting yourself down. You are holding yourself back from accomplishing things and moving forward.

In order for your planner to work, you have to also work. You have to give yourself goals and plans and make them happen. You can’t let your fear keep you from taking charge of your life and making the most out of what you have. Your planner is there to help you but you have to use it for it to be really helpful.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments how you stick to your planner! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

One comment on “Seven Reasons Your Planner Isn’t Working For You

  1. Hi! I’ve been an avid planner for years and I’ve always been sort of brainwashed by the pressure of having a perfect planner, buy what I found works best for me is actually using stickers. I love them so much! I also love the high expectations tip too. I think I tend to write everything down and get it done in a day and when I don’t, I feel defeated. Thanks for sharing!

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