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Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I am going to share something unlike anything I have ever shared before. This is something that I have battled with sharing for a while because it’s not something that I am proud of. But I wanted to be more personal here on the blog and I decided that this is something that I needed to share. Not just to help myself, but also to help anyone else who may be struggling.

My journey with binge eating began when I was a teenager. I was really depressed and living a pretty broken lifestyle. Food was something that just tasted really good and it was the one solid thing that I had in my life. So I started eating…a lot. I’m an emotional person which turned into being an emotional eater. I would eat when I was sad, anxious, happy, and any other emotion that doesn’t make my stomach turn into a rock.

I can remember coming home and eating what I could. From everything going on at home to coming home to the mess that I was facing, things were really difficult. I was struggling in ways that I couldn’t understand or recognize. The only thing that was always a constant was the food that I was eating. And so I ate. I ate when I could because it was the only good thing that I had going for me.

And naturally, I gained a lot of weight. It was really sad for me and I hated it, but it had happened. And what was worse is, I couldn’t stop. I tried but whenever the feelings would come back I would go right back to what I was doing. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. I was fighting this battle on my own and it just made things worse.

I can’t say exactly when I started to make a shift, but it was somewhere after I started college. Once the depression was under control, so was the binge eating. Once I started being happier and more confident I started being able to control myself a lot more. It has never been a perfect journey, but it has improved a lot. I don’t blame anyone for this challenge that I have faced because I knew it was a part of my story. I know that going through it and overcoming it was just another chapter.

I didn’t realize that binge eating was an eating disorder until I got to college and started talking to people who were struggling with it too. Once I figured out that I wasn’t alone, I started making progress. My journey is not over and I am still a work in progress, but I knew that I had to share this part of my story because I want others to realize that they are not alone.

If you are struggling with binge eating, or any other eating disorder, I encourage you to seek help. It has changed my life. I educated myself and worked to start overcoming this disease that took over my life. I hope you can also find the strength and encouragement to fight back and take back control of your life.

7 comments on “My Binge Eating Story

  1. sekirkwood says:

    This couldn’t have come at a BETTER time! Seriously… was beyond upset and the mind was trigger memory overload when I had my weekly weigh in this morning. It’s terrible to see that so many people suffer with this disease, yet comforting at the same time to realise we are not alone. Seek help you say, right, i’m on to it. Before I start needing a knee replacement becuase my weight is too much. Oh yeah, putting myself down is a natural thing for me… Sigh. Thanks for the great read xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad it could help you! I struggled a long time with writing this piece because it is so personal, but I felt it was time to pull the trigger!

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      1. sekirkwood says:

        I have so much to put on paper, but my fear is should anyone I know read it, I couldn’t take the judgement. I don’t feel I have support around me, which is a terrible thing to say, but it’s been going on for years and no one has picked up on it or approached me. The vicious circle of feeling alone with it, hating myself and turning to food as comfort is ghastly.

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      2. I understand that. I have struggled with it the same way. But sometimes the best thing you can do is take a chance. You never know what might happen. The judgement may come, but I think it’s worth it if it will help you over time. You just have to do what is best for you and not live by anyone else’s standard of living.

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  2. naaiba says:

    Hey and thank you for this open post! I can relate so much, as I have struggled with restricting and body dysmorphia and it seems like my binging will never go away. No matter what I try I keep coming back to this unhealthy mindset where food is used as coping mechanism for stress as well as other things…again, thank you for your article and lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

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