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Hey guys! Welcome back. Are you feeling lost in life? Are you struggling to figure out what you want or how to get it? Are you feeling a bit distanced from yourself and other relationships? This post is for you! Today I am going to give you ten reasons why people feel lost in life and how that affects personal growth. Hopefully this helps you figure out what is going on in your own life so you can work towards a better life. So here are ten reasons people feel lost in life.

1. The have lost the connection with their heart.

Losing connection with yourself can help you feel lost in life. This includes not knowing what you want, not prioritizing yourself, and not giving yourself enough time to really figure things out. If you don’t allow yourself the time you need to with yourself, you will lose that connection. If you are looking for ways to reconnect with your heart I highly recommend keeping a journal or even a blog. It allows you to work through your feelings and deepest desires and regrow your connection with your heart.

2. They base their lives based on what other people believe to be right.

I used to be guilty of this one. I wouldn’t do what I wanted or what I thought was best. I consulted every other person I could before making a decision. That led me to feeling seriously lost because most of the time it didn’t bring me joy or fulfillment. I struggled with deciding anything for myself and it led me to being pretty indecisive. So if you are feeling lost, work on making decisions for yourself. Learn to prioritize your own needs and desires when it comes to matters of your life because ultimately you are the one that will have to live it.

3. You value the opinions of others more than your own.

This is very similar to the one above, but this time it’s not about making decisions. It is simply not being able to have an opinion for yourself. When it comes to matters of the kind of person you should be, you let others dictate that. You can’t have an opinion and stick up for yourself. This is really more of an issue of confidence than anything. If you feel lost in life, it’s important to work on growing your confidence so you can value your opinion over the opinions of others.

4. They are ruled by fear.

I am also guilty of this one. I help myself back from a lot because I was afraid. I didn’t take chances or risks. I didn’t accept any opportunity that I knew I had a big chance of failing at. And then I realized that that was no way to live. I let fear control my life and it did lead me to feeling lost. I wasn’t able to figure out what I wanted because I wasn’t doing anything that would help me figure it out. My comfort zone was suffocating me. So take the risks. Step out of your comfort zone. Figure out which challenges are worth taking on so you can further your dreams and passions.

5. They have a distorted sense of self.

People who feel lost in life often don’t see themselves as they really are. Typically they have a much more negative self-image and are convinced that they are not capable of anything. They are ruled by the image that they shouldn’t even try because there is no point. These individuals have a very low sense of self and can’t see the value in themselves. This leads to not setting goals or working towards anything because they don’t think it really matters. If this is true for you and you feel lost, I recommend working on your confidence for this one too. Find ways to boost your self-image and remind yourself that you are worthy. Find something you are passionate about that you want to work towards.

6. They surround themselves with people who drag them down.

One of the worst things someone can do for themselves is surround themselves with negative people. Because believe it or not, their negativity can become your negativity. People who surround themselves with negative people often stop believing in themselves. They don’t think they can do it. I recommend evaluating your relationships and the people you allow to be in your life. This has a major impact on you.

7. They believe every toxic thought that runs through their minds.

People who feel lost often have a very negative mindset. Maybe it’s been there for a while or maybe it just started. Regardless that negative mindset forces you to think negatively about yourself. So you start believing all of those negative thoughts that come to mind. This leads to feeling lost because you are tearing yourself down. You can’t be lifted up because you don’t think you can be. If this relates to you, I recommend finding a way to change your mindset. Start replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It takes a lot of work, but it is worth it.

8. They only believe in logic and never dream.

Sometimes when you feel lost in life it’s not because of something you are doing, but something you are not doing. People who only believe in logic sometimes feel lost in life because they don’t have any dreams. They don’t have any goals that they want to work towards because dreams are not practical. They are not reality. But dreams help inspire us and motivate us to do more and be more. So if you are feeling lost figure out what your dreams are. Find the thing that drives you to work harder.

9. They are stuck in the past.

I am also guilty of this. Living in the past prevents you from being able to move forward. You are too focused on past situations and relationships that you have trouble seeing what is happening right now. Not being able to move on and let go causes you to hold on to a lot of things that you should have let go of a long time ago. So let it go. Free yourself from the hurt and pain and work towards moving forward. You will see a major difference, I promise.

10. They try to control everything.

One of the biggest reasons people often feel lost is the fact that they think they need to control everything. Everything has to go their way. But it’s not possible. You can’t control everything and you will fall behind if you try to. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to and by trying to force it you are keeping yourself stuck. So work on overcoming the need to control everything. Be free and let life happen when you can’t control it. You will be much happier.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what you have done to stop feeling lost in life. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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