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Hey guys! Welcome back. We have all had jobs that we didn’t enjoy, but struggled to know if it is time to quit or not. So today I wanted to share with a few ways that you can know when it’s time to quit. So if you are struggling with the big decision, hopefully this list will help you figure out where you are and what your next steps are. Because ultimately, quitting your job is a huge decision and it needs to make sense. So here are some signs that you should quit your job.

You dread going to work.

It’s more that not wanting to go just because you don’t want to get up in the morning. But it’s also about the fact that you dislike the job so much that you just never want to be there. If you find yourself going to bed at night dreading those hours, it’s probably time to find another job that won’t have you feeling like you are wasting your time.

You’re procrastinating more than you are working.

If you go to work, but never actually do any work, you should probably look for something else. It doesn’t make sense to stay at a job that you aren’t doing. If you can’t find anything engaging in your work that you are passionate about or that drives you, it is not the job for you.

It’s taking a toll on your health.

This could be physically, emotionally, or mentally. Perhaps you find yourself really sick far more than you used to. Maybe you take any chance you can to not be at work. If this is happening, it may be time to cut ties with your current job. Nothing is worth sacrificing your health if you don’t have to.

You are always complaining about your job.

If you are constantly complaining to your friends and family about your job, it probably means that you aren’t enjoying it. Complaining is very negative and if you have a negative perspective about work then it’s not the place for you. You should look to find a job that you don’t complain about as much.

You’re overqualified.

If you are doing work that is not stimulating or challenging you, you are most likely overqualified. Your job doesn’t teach you anything. While you should be qualified and have knowledge of the job, there should always be room for growth. If there is not, you are overqualified and should try searching for a new job.

The work environment is negative.

Work environments can sometimes be negative or at times even hostile. So it’s important to know if your work environment is negative, it’s okay to get out of it and look for another job. Because your work environment can affect you. If the environment is negative, it can cause you to have a much more negative mindset than usual.

You are being recruited by other companies.

It is never a good idea to leave one job without having another one lined up unless there are drastic circumstances. But if other companies are recruiting you and wanting you to go work for them, it’s a good idea to consider it. Analyze your job and the situation you are in and decide the benefits of leaving if you choose to.

Those are some signs that it is time to quit your job. Of course, it is much easier said than done. However, it is possible and you can do it. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope this is helpful. Please like it if you want more content like this in the future. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

2 comments on “How To Know When It’s Time To Quit

  1. Monika Gil says:

    I remember I had a job where I felt stressed and constantly felt like I was the only one doing my job. I ranted to my boyfriend about it and I WAS CONSTANTLY ANGRY. I quit and now I work at school, with kids, and it’s honestly the best job I’ve ever had. So if you feel bad at the job, you should definitely quit! There are going to be opportunities for you!
    Great post! Love it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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