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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having an excellent week. Today I wanted to share with you some of my tips for staying motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. I will admit that I have struggled with this and I’m still not perfect. But I am getting a lot better and I believe a lot of that has to do with the six things that I am about to share with you. These six things have really made a difference in my life and helped me improve my lifestyle. So here are my six tips for staying motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Be kind to yourself.

One of the biggest things for me when it came to changing my lifestyle was being kind to myself. From the very beginning I had to treat my body with kindness and respect. I had to start being more mindful of what I was doing, but also remembering to show myself some grace because no one is perfect. I’m still not perfect, but I have to remember to keep pushing myself.

2. Set a goal and make an action plan.

When it comes to wanting to do anything, having a goal is super important to making it happen. It’s also important to make a plan to make that goal a reality. So when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, having a specific goal and a plan to reach that goal really helped me be consistent and keep moving forward. It helps to keep the vision in the forefront of my mind.

3. Keep a clear “why” in your mind.

It’s always important to know why you want to make these changes. Ideally it will be because you want to and you feel that this is what is best for you. Because ultimately that will be your biggest motivator. Your “why” needs to be something that you believe in and that brings you passion. Otherwise, you may fall back into old habits and not want to keep moving forward.

4. Make things more fun.

Try to find fun ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. From doing fun workouts to watching your favorite show when you eat a healthy meal, it is always best to try to make things more enjoyable. Because the more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to keep doing it. So always try to have fun and treat yourself when you can. Keep pushing through and you will start to see results.

5. Seek out inspiration.

Find people that inspire you. People that have reached the goal you have or that you really look up to. These people can help motivate you to keep working hard and get the results you want. You won’t be able to do exactly what they did, but you can find inspiration and realize that you are not alone and that you can do it. Use these people’s stories as a testament that what you are doing is worth the fight.

6. Track your progress and treat yourself.

When it comes to trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it is always ideal to track your progress so you can start to see results. It can help you see how far you have come and any setbacks that you have had. This can help you make changes that may be necessary and can help you see your growth and progress. If you start seeing results then go ahead and reward yourself. You deserve it.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments how you stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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