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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you have enjoyed your week. Today I wanted to talk about depression. I know this is something many of us struggle with, so today I really wanted to have an open conversation about it. I wanted to share some of the ways that depression affects my daily life and how it may be affecting yours without you even realizing. I hope this inspires you to look at your life and understand how depression is affecting you. This may provide some answers to why you may feel some of the things I am going to talk about here. Of course, this is just based on my experience. There are probably many more ways that depression can change your daily life. However, I wanted to share the ways it changes mine so hopefully it provides you with some clarity. So here are seven ways that depression can change your daily life.

1. It affects your physical well-being.

I only recently realized how much my mental health affects my physical health. Once I did I started to realize that the depression I was going through was really affecting my physical health. It was making me really sick and I would get massive migraines. This happened for over a year before I realized that it happened when I was really anxious and depressed. So I started making sure I was taking care of my mental health and practicing self-care more.

2. It makes you less productive.

Depression likes to drown us at times and usually it is at the worst possible time. I know for me that depression really makes it hard to do even the simplest of tasks. I just feel unfocused and overwhelmed by everything on the days when my depression is really really bad. I don’t have the same enthusiasm and energy that I feel on days when I am not struggling with depression as much.

3. It makes you feel lost.

My depression often leaves me feeling alone and confused. I find it difficult to make decisions and stick to them because I feel good about one day and the next I am unsure. And this leaves me going through life always unsure about what my next step will be until I take it. It’s not an easy thing to deal with because sometimes I need to make a decision, but I struggle and I just wind up feeling lost.

4. It makes you avoid people.

My depression makes me want to avoid people as much as possible. On the days when things are really bad, I don’t want to talk to people. Not because I want to be rude, but because I don’t want to lash out at anyone because I am not feeling good that day. I try to keep to myself and not deal with others. However, it really affects my relationships with people because I am avoiding people more often than I want to.

5. It drives you crazy.

Simply speaking, it really does drive you crazy. It’s not something that really gets talked about a lot in terms of depression, but I think it is a fair assessment when it comes to my personal experience with it. Deep down I know nothing is wrong, however, I am still convinced that something is. And it drives me crazy. I hate that I feel like I have such little control over my mind and body.

6. It makes you feel too much, or nothing at all.

When my depression is at it’s highest, I either feel too much, or nothing at all. It’s like I lose control of rational thought and behavior. I get annoyed and frustrated very easily. I struggle with not understanding the things around me. I get very sad and very emotional more easily. I am not my composed self. Or the exact opposite happens when I don’t react to anything in any kind of way. I just let everything play out and don’t worry about anything that I should be worried about. But usually it’s feeling too much.

7. You appreciate the good days.

On a positive note, when you suffer from depression, it is really easy to appreciate the days that aren’t so difficult. Depression is a monster, so knowing that some days will be good gives you hope. And on those days you can rest assured that you are okay and that you have a good life. It’s a great way to know that you are not alone and count your many blessing.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you find this helpful. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments how depression has affected you if you feel comfortable sharing that. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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