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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you have had a great week! Today I wanted to talk about simplifying your life and how you can do that. There are a lot of great benefits to simplifying your life and one of the biggest ones is that you just feel more put together and at peace. So I wanted to give you some ideas on how you can simplify your life and feel less stress.

Do one thing at a time.

Multitasking seems like a great idea, but once you actually start doing it it can prove to be a real pain. Not only does it take longer to complete a task, but it also forces you to focus on more than one thing at a time. This can cause a lot more stress and anxiety than you need. Focusing on one thing at a time allows you to focus and give all of your energy to doing your very best on everything you do.

Write it all down.

Write down the things you need to do. Write down the things you want to do. Write down all the things you need to plan for. Writing things down gets it all out of your brain and allows you to come back when you are ready. You are less likely to forget things and you feel less stressed to keep up with it all. Writing things down helps you stay organized and keeps you moving forward.

Stop trying to do things perfectly.

No one is perfect and you won’t do everything perfectly all the time. So not focusing on getting everything perfect and just focusing on getting things done will save you a lot of time. It also just makes things more simple in the long run. Focus on progress instead of perfection. Make sure you are getting things done and moving forward. Don’t try to be perfect all the time.

Throw out things you don’t need or use.

Decluttering is one of the biggest ways to simplify your life. The less stuff you have, the simpler everything is for you. You don’t have to rummage through as much to find what you are looking for. Your space looks a lot cleaner because you don’t have as much stuff hanging around. And you will feel a lot better because you have less things to clean and move around.

Keep everything in its place.

If you keep everything where it needs to be and put it back where it belongs, there is less cleaning you have to do. This cuts down the amount of time you spend cleaning. This makes your life simpler because you then have more time to spend doing other things and working on other projects. It also keeps you organized and prevents you from having to look for things you have misplaced.

Stop trying to please everyone.

Trying to make everyone around you happy really overcomplicates your life because the reality is, you can’t make everyone happy. It’s just not possible. Everyone has a different opinion or thoughts about what you should be doing and should not be doing. So your best bet if you want to simplify your life is to just focus on what makes you happy. Do what is best for you at the end of the day.

Plan out your week.

Planning helps simplify your life because you are able to focus on what you need to do and it helps you prioritize what needs to be done. It helps you know what you are going to be doing and where you need to be. This just helps you be prepared and know what your next steps are going to be. It prevents procrastination and not knowing what to do next. It helps you stay on top of things.

Time Batch.

Time batching is where you do similar tasks at one time. It’s not multitasking. It’s where if you have three reading assignments, you batch them together and do one right after the other. Or if you have two people wanting to meet you for coffee, you schedule one for right after the other so you only have to go to the coffee shop once. This allows you to do all tasks in one area at a time so you can spend less time preparing for those things.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments how you work to simplify your life. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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