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Hey guys! Welcome back. I wanted to hop on here really quickly and talk to you about something that I have been thinking about quite a bit lately. But I want to start by saying that for the most part the comments I get are pretty good. I am really lucky to have such a positive and kind community and for the most part things are good. I also want to say that I welcome all feedback. Obviously I love the positive feedback, but I can also handle constructive criticism. If you guys tell me you don’t like something, I do my best to stop and try something else.

But lately, I have been getting some strange comments that aren’t hate comments, but they are very odd comments. And I wanted to kind of talk through them because I just feel like there is some confusion. So I’m going to get into a couple of comments that I have received recently and kind of talk through them because I feel the need to clarify a few things.

So the first comment I am going to talk about is one that was left a couple of days ago when I posted “Ten Things I Need To Do Before I Get Married”. I am not going to share names or blog names because I want to respect the privacy of these individuals. I also want to say that WordPress sends comments and the blog owner has to approve them, so these comments were not approved, but I still want to talk about them.

My thoughts on marriage may not be the same as yours and that’s okay. That doesn’t make either of us right or wrong, it makes us human. But to comment on my post and tell me that I was built to give myself up to a person I don’t know and have their children is overstepping a boundary that I don’t think should ever be crossed. I don’t think we are meant to just be wives and mothers. I think we have an infinite amount of possibilities that are waiting for us.

The person who left this comment was a male and he also said that marriage is the final step of growing up. Now whether you agree or disagree with that is your own decision, but I think, again, that is overstepping a boundary. I don’t think that we necessarily have to get married. My views on marriage is that it should be between two people who have the same views on life and love and want to enter into that commitment. I don’t think we should settle for the first person that comes along, give ourselves up to them, and then just start having kids. There has to be more to life than that. And if not, that’s a pretty lonely life in my opinion.

Not everyone agrees on marriage and it’s a topic that is widely discussed. But I think we need to respect when someone has a view that is different than us. I don’t think that it’s appropriate to comment on someone’s personal post and tell them that they shouldn’t think that marriage is about them because we are built to get married and have children. So that comment really bothered me and I wanted to clarify that when I wrote that post I did not intend it to mean that everyone should think those things or need those things. It was strictly about me and what I need.

Now on to the next comment. This is the last one, but based on the previous comment I just want to talk about this one a little bit. A few days ago someone posted a comment on a post I wrote back in August. They told me that I needed to write more on the post because it seemed like I was depending on the video and instead of posting a video I should have just wrote the information. But guys, there is not a single video in that post. I didn’t talk about one. I didn’t link one. I didn’t post one. There isn’t a video and it’s actually a lot of writing. This is the post.

So I am really confused by this person’s comment. And they didn’t say it in a nice way. But I don’t know what video they are referring to. So I don’t know. These are just a couple of comments that I wanted to clarify and set the record straight. When I write a post, please know that it is coming from my experience. Especially when it comes to that because I know other people have different views and that’s okay. I enjoy sharing things like that with you because I know many of you can connect and relate to it. But please understand that it’s okay if you don’t. I want to continue sharing more personal things with you, but I want you all to understand that it’s personal and I don’t expect everyone to agree with it. Thank you!

4 comments on “My Thoughts On The Comment Section

  1. On the second one, maybe they were talking about some other blogger or thought they had the right post pulled up when they responded. Or, they could be some troller who was trying to irritate you.

    I have all my comments require pre-approval. I wish there was another option where I could say these commenters are fine, but everyone else needs to be pre-approved. I am not a fan of the current choices, but after seeing too many burned by going with approve all or approve all once a first post has been approved, I decided pre-approval is how I will go.

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    1. My comments have to be approved and I didn’t approve these two comments. But I wanted to address both of them and clear the air.

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      1. So far, most of the comments I don’t approve fall to the Spam filter, but I check as sometimes the Spam filter eats a non-Spam comment.

        I have yet to not approve a comment, but as soon as I say this, someone would post something that makes me not approve it. At that point, I will probably clear the air in a manner similar to your post.

        I made a comments policy for my blog after reading another blogger who had one. I added a few things she didn’t have, but are things I consider relevant to my blog.

        I see too many commenters who seem to think freedom of speech means they can do whatever they want in the comments section of a blogger. I do my best at respecting other bloggers’ comment section. I can be blunt which can come across as disrespectful if someone doesn’t know that about me.

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