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Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I am sharing with you some gift ideas for your friends, but you could really get these gifts for anyone you wanted to. These are just some great gift ideas for the people in your life. Hopefully this gives you a couple of ideas for what to give your friends or what to ask for when your friends ask you what you want. So here are some gift ideas for your friends!

A book.

I know this may not sound like the most exciting thing ever, but you can make this as creative or as funny as you want. You can gift them your favorite self-help book or gift them a funny book. If you have a friend who loves reading or constantly looking for ways to better themselves, a book might be the perfect gift.

Cute pajamas.

I am one of those people who believes you can never have too many pajamas. So if you are searching for the perfect gift to get your friend, stop by a store and look at what kind of pajamas they have. Some fuzzy pajama pants or a super cute pajama set might be just what they are looking for.


Do you have a friend who loves jewelry? Or do you have a friend who saw a bracelet that they said they really liked? Go look at some jewelry and see what you can find. I think bracelets are a great choice, but you could branch out and get a necklace, earrings, or anything else.


Just like pajamas, cardigans are great. You can dress them up and dress them down. So gifting your friend a nice cardigan is a great option. There are so many styles and colors to choose from, so you can never have too many. A basic cardigan is the perfect gift for your friend who loves being cozy.

Fleece pullover.

This is another great option for your friend who loves to be warm and cozy. There are so many colors and styles, so you also can’t go wrong with a fleece pullover. Winter gets cold and if you have a friend who gets really cold or just wants to be warm, this might be the best gift they could get.

A fleece throw blanket.

Going along with the theme of being warm and cozy, a nice throw blanket is the perfect gift for just about anybody in your life. There are so many sizes and designs to choose from that it’s easy to find something for anyone. A nice throw blanket is something that everyone could get some use out of.

A Water Bottle.

Help your friend drink more water by getting them a new water bottle. This is something that everyone could get some use out of, so why not get it for them? Pick one that is their favorite color or one that they will really enjoy using. It’s cool and convenient and something practical for everyone.

A Planner.

2020 is coming! And everyone needs a new planner! So why not start by getting them a new planner? Help your friend get organized for the new year by getting them a fun and cute new planner so they can keep track of everything they have going on. Keeping up with things is important, so get them a planner they will love to use.

A new bag.

Whether it is a new purse, a new tote bag, or a new backpack, everyone could use a new bag in their life. So find out their favorite style, color, or what they need in a bag and find one that matches. It’s a great way to give them a gift you know they can use and really wanted to get.

A coffee mug.

And if all else fails, you can always go with a classic gift: a coffee mug. Even if your friend doesn’t drink a lot of coffee, they can always use it for something. They could keep pens or other things in it. Getting a cute coffee mug for your friend is a great way to personalize the gift.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you find this helpful. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments if you have any gift ideas for friends. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

One comment on “Blogmas Day #5: Gift Ideas For Friends

  1. Nice ideas, I love all things cosy at Christmas!

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