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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having a fantastic week so far. Today I wanted to share with a few very simple things you can do every morning to ensure that you have a productive day. And none of these include interacting with other people, so if you’re not a morning person, don’t worry. Hopefully these will help you start your day off on the right foot and have more productive days in your future.

Plan ahead.

A great morning starts the night before. So start planning out your mornings the night before. Figure out what you are going to wear and set it out. Figure out what your breakfast will be and meal prep if possible. Make things as simple for yourself in the morning as much as possible. Try to eliminate as much decision-making as possible the night before so your mornings aren’t spent trying to figure things out.

Do not hit snooze.

Don’t hit the snooze button. Get up when your alarm goes off and start your day. Don’t lay in bed and try to motivate yourself. Just get up. If you need to, leave your phone somewhere other than next to your bed so you have to get up to turn it off. You are way less likely to go back to bed once you’re up. But not hitting snooze adds some time to your day so you can get started earlier.

Drink water.

Drinking water is important because it helps hydrate you and gives you some natural energy. And you’re going to need that if you want to be on top of your game all day. Starting your day with water wakes your body up and gets it ready to start being productive. And it’s something you can do while you are doing other parts of your morning routine.


Even if it’s a simple workout or some stretching, wake your body up by making it move. Get your heart beating and your blood flowing. It will help get your system going and wake you up. It’s a great way to knock your work out off your to-do list too. So when you get up and after you have your water, do a work out. You will thank yourself later for so many reasons.

Have breakfast.

Speaking of energy, breakfast is always a great way to start your day. And it tastes great too. I highly recommend a good breakfast every morning because not only will it give you a good energy to start your day strong, it also keeps you from being as hungry later on during the day which could lead to mindless snacking. Have breakfast and you will save yourself.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what your favorite thing to do in the morning to ensure a more productive day is. If you would like to support us, please consider following us here and on social media. We would really appreciate it!

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