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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you had a great weekend. I thought I would start this week off with our monthly Q&A. I asked for questions on Instagram (lovegeekygirlblog) and got a pretty great response. So today I will be answering some of the questions that you guys sent in. This is one of my favorite blog posts to write every month because it’s a great interaction between me and all of you. So hopefully you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

1. Any regrets from college?

I don’t know that I really have any regrets. I think everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t done most of the things that I did. So I think the only regret I really have is not always trusting myself and doing what my gut tells me to do. I wasn’t always completely honest with myself and what I needed to do and that ended up hurting me a couple of times. So I guess if I could say I regret anything it’s not doing what I really wanted to do or what I really needed to do.

2. Do you think you will keep blogging forever?

I get this question all the time and I honestly think I will be blogging for a really long time. I don’t know if there will come a day when I don’t do it. Will I post every single day forever? Maybe not. But I will try to keep up with it for as long as I can. I mentioned in a recent post that blogging is my passion. It is what I feel like I was born to do. It’s not my full-time job and it may never be, but I know in my heart that it is something I am supposed to do. So I don’t see myself giving it up, at least not anytime soon.

3. What is the biggest adjustment to moving to a big city?

None of it has been bad yet. I really like living in the city and being so close to everything I need to get to. It’s honestly been a really amazing experience and I am looking forward to what comes in the future. So I guess the biggest adjustment is having access to more things which isn’t a bad adjustment. It’s just not something I am really used to.

4. What is your favorite thing about living in a big city?

I kind of mentioned this in the previous question, but it really is great to be so close to everything I could ever need. It’s something I haven’t had a lot before, even in college. So being able to get wherever I need to be in minutes is really great. But also, I love the opportunity. There are so many opportunities here to do things that I haven’t had access to before.

5. What is your favorite full coverage foundation and concealer?

My favorite full coverage foundation is definitely the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define foundation. It is super full coverage, it’s not super drying on my skin, and it lasts all day. For concealer, I love the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. It is my most used concealer and I love the coverage. But for a more affordable option, Makeup Revolution has some great ones. If you have more dry under eyes, I recommend the Conceal & Hydrate concealer because it is more hydrating where the Conceal & Define one is more matte.

6. Would you ever move again?

Maybe someday. It just depends on other factors like jobs, relationships, and things like that. Right now I am happy with where I am. I don’t anticipate leaving anytime soon. I really like it here and I’ll probably be here for a while.

7. How did you tell your boyfriend about your blog?

It wasn’t anything super spectacular. He asked if I do anything outside of work and so I had to mention this because it takes up most of my time. He hasn’t seen it yet, but someday he will I’m sure.

8. Do you ever get overwhelmed about spending your life with someone else?

Not really. I think it’s something super special. I don’t have any doubts or fears. But I am the kind of person who really wants to be in a committed relationship and I don’t really like being alone. Luckily I found someone who feels the same way. But I don’t really get overwhelmed by it. It’s something that really excites me.

9. What was your first kiss with your boyfriend like?

It was I think our second date. We were in the parking lot at the mall I believe. And it just happened. It was super simple but really great.

10. What is your dream vacation?

I really want to go to France. It’s a pretty expensive vacation, but maybe one day it will happen. But more realistically, I really want to go to Disney World someday. I have never been and I really want to go at least once in my life.

11. What are your favorite shows at the moment?

I’m still watching season two of You. It is a great show and even though I know most of what happens at the end because I have taken forever to watch it, I still love watching it and seeing it for myself. So that is definitely a great show. I have also really been enjoying Flirty Dancing. It’s a reality dating show that is really unique and super fun to watch. Highly recommend both of these. I also started watching One Tree Hill again.

12. At what moment did you realize you love your boyfriend?

As I have said many times before I get attached really easily. So it’s difficult sometimes for me to separate the two. I get pretty attached early on because he always texts me back and always shows interest in me. But the moment I knew I loved him was when I told him one of the worst things about my past and he was genuinely caring and he didn’t get scared or anything. He was really supportive.

13. Did you openly talk about your past relationships early on?

We did. And we still do. We started talking about our past relationships literally on the first date. Which I know is something most people say you should stay away from, but I think because we had talked for a while before going out we were really comfortable and felt good enough to trust one another. So we were pretty open about what we had been through in the past.

14. Are you going to be moving in together soon?

It has definitely been an ongoing conversation and something we are really working towards. There is no definitive date just yet, but it’s definitely something we want to happen and when that time comes you guys will know.

15. What are most excited about in 2020?

Definitely my relationship. I am really excited to see what this year brings for us and how much our relationship grows. I have never been in a better relationship and I can’t wait to see what is coming.

16. What is your favorite thing to do where you live?

I love shopping, so living in a bigger city like this is great because there are so many options and so many things to do. We have a great mall and so many other stores. I love going shopping here.

17. Who is your inspiration.

This might sound super cheesy, but you guys are my greatest inspiration. You keep me going everyday. Without you none of this would have happened and I wouldn’t have come this far. So I genuinely appreciate it.

18. Would you ever adopt?

I do want to. I wish it wasn’t so expensive because I feel like more children would have homes if it was more affordable. But I would like to get to a point where I could one day adopt a child.

19. Number one relationship tip?

Trust yourself. If you can trust yourself then you know you can trust someone else. Also, only you can tell if something is wrong or right. So if something doesn’t feel right, trust yourself and know when it’s time to leave. Don’t hold on to someone if you know you shouldn’t. You aren’t doing anyone any favors.

20. Tips for growing social media?

My biggest tip for growing your social media is to be consistent. You can’t expect to grow if you aren’t giving your followers anything to see. So you have to post consistently and engage with your audience. Don’t just post once a week and expect people to stick around. You have to grow your content in order to grow your audience.

21. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I honestly have no idea. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be where I am right now I would not have believed it. So I really can’t say where I see myself in ten years. I would like to think that I have accomplished some of the things I want: marriage, kids, a home, etc. But I really couldn’t tell you. I have goals and wishes, but I don’t know what will happen. Things could change drastically between now and then.

22. What is your favorite pizza topping?

If I only get one I get pepperoni. But I love pepperoni and sausage. I can’t eat just plain cheese pizza. I don’t know what it is I just don’t like it. But I would say that pepperoni is my favorite because I’m basic and I just really love it.

23. Who is your favorite artist at the moment?

My favorite artist at the moment would have to be Taylor Swift. I have loved Taylor Swift for a very long time (since middle school), but recently I have been listening to her songs on repeat. There is a song for every mood, every situation, and every feeling. So I know I can’t go wrong with Taylor Swift. She is definitely a favorite.

24. How are you feeling?

I love that someone took the time to ask how I’m feeling. So for the person who asked this, thank you. It means so much that you just want to know how I’m doing. And to answer your question, honestly I’m doing okay. I have a great job and a great relationship. I’m pretty happy with where I am right now and I am excited about the future. So right now I can honestly say that I am feeling good and living life the best way that I possible can. So thank you for asking that. I really appreciate that you just wanted to know how I’m feeling.

25. Do you like your new job?

I really do like my new job. It’s something that I did for three years while I was in college so I’m pretty good at it. I love the people I work with. They are super friendly and helpful and really welcomed me. And I also really love the company that I work for. I love that they have values and really strive to be friendly to everyone. It makes going to work a lot easier and a lot more exciting. It’s a job that I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy as much as I do, but I’m glad I took a chance and took the job.

And that is where I am going to stop for this Q&A. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions. If you would like to ask questions for future posts you can follow me on Instagram or leave you questions down below. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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