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Hey guys! Welcome back. I think sometimes we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves and we can start to be a bit too hard on ourselves. Especially is you are someone like me who struggles a great deal with anxiety. We want to do everything we possibly can to make things work and when we can’t we drive ourselves crazy worrying about it or trying to fix it. So today I am going to share with you some things that life is too short to be worrying about, thinking about, or doing.

Skipping work outs.

Guess what? It happens. Sometimes we don’t always get a work out in. While it is extremely important to work out and stay healthy, it’s also important to take breaks. So if you miss a work out every now and then don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day and you can try again. But don’t waste time being upset or worrying about it.

Worrying about people who don’t worry about you.

We all have people in our lives who don’t always reciprocate the care that we provide. So it’s not really good to worry about them and spend so much of your time and energy trying to be there for them. Focus that attention on the people in your life who do or finding new people.

Working a job you hate.

I’m not saying go quit your job right now. You should find a new job before you quit. But start figuring out what job you do want and what you do want to do. Then you can start figuring out the necessary steps to get there. Life is too short to spend all the time being somewhere you hate.

Insulting yourself.

Three are enough negative people in the world. We don’t need another one. And insulting yourself and saying negative things about yourself is no way to be. You should love yourself for who you are and keep working to get better. Insulting yourself is a waste of time because it accomplishes nothing.

Not making changes in your life.

Whether it is fear, laziness, or a lack of knowledge, not making changes in your life is a big waste of time because you aren’t going to get anywhere. If you don’t do something different you will always be in the same place. So figure out what you need to do to make the changes you want to make in your life.

Comparing yourself to other people.

You might think that other people have it made or they have it all figured out, but the truth is, no one really does. We are all lacking in some area of life that someone else has. So don’t look at what other people have, but look at what you have and learn to be grateful and work towards what you want.

Valuing other opinions over your own opinion.

When it comes to your life and what you do with it, what you think is more important than what anyone else thinks. If you value what everyone else thinks over what you think then you won’t be living your own life. You won’t be writing your own story. You will just be living other peoples’ lives.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. We all have a short amount of time on the planet, so the fact that you decide to spend your time reading my content means so much to me. I know how valuable your time is, so thank you for being here. Let us know in the comments something that you think life is too short for. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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4 comments on “Things Life Is Too Short For

  1. KRITIKA says:

    Admire your post šŸ‘

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  2. All of these things hit home. Great post!

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    1. I’m so glad! Thank you!!!

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