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By: Dani Kessel

[Warning: mature content ahead]

If you’re looking for the perfect way to spice up your sex on Valentine’s Day, you’ve come to the right place! Sex can become a routine when you live with your partner. It can also become a lot of the same thing when you are in a long-term relationship. Celebrating V-Day with your boo this week? This might be a fun opportunity to try something different.

Here are some of the best ways you can mix things up.

A sensual massage

If you are looking to give your partner extra attention, light some candles, put on some mood music, oil them up, and give them a sensual massage. Touch like this increases oxytocin levels and creates intimacy between partners. This act of giving will make your partner feel special and possibly get them in the mood for some romantic sexy time afterwards. In order to get the best results, pick a massage oil that isn’t petroleum-based, isn’t too thick or sticky, and is body-safe. Be aware that most flavored oils aren’t safe for internal use.

Play with sexy dice

Sexy dice contain erogenous body parts, acts to do, and positions. Leaving the sex up to chance can add excitement and playfulness to foreplay. If you and your partner/s want to mix things up even more, you combine it with sexy truth or dare. Truth, dare, or roll. No matter whether it is a physical act, an erotic question, or a chance selection, you are certainly going to have some fun.

Make foreplay your dessert

Instead of making a cake for dessert, buy some whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and ice cream to use in the bedroom. Serve dessert off of your body. A whipped cream trail on the body is a great way to tease with just your tongue and lips. Chocolate itself is considered an aphrodisiac. Ice cream adds temperature play. Bringing the dessert into the bedroom just adds a tasty, sexy treat to your play time. Note: It is best to put down a towel for minimal clean-up afterwards. 

Wax play

If you are up for a little adventure into temperatures and BDSM, wax play is an incredibly fun and sexy foreplay. Heat up that wax and slowly drip it onto your partner’s body. Just make sure that 1) you are *only* using safety candles and candles specifically made for BDSM since other candles can cause serious burns, 2) you clean up your bed and surrounding areas of clutter so as to not light your room on fire by accident, and 3) keep a good distance between the candle and the body being dripped on to avoid backsplash. Do your research into safe wax play practices, then have a blast!

Sext throughout the day

Sexting can be a fun way to build up sexual tension and desire if you don’t get to spend Valentine’s Day daytime together. Tell your partner what you’d like to do with them or remind them of one of your past sexcapades. Role play in your messages. Create an erotic story together over text. There are so many fun sexting techniques to use, and by the time you see each other, you’ll be aroused in anticipation.

Sensory deprivation

This fun and spicy type of sex involves taking away one or more of a partner/s’ senses. This can mean blindfolds, telling them they can’t touch you, no kiss sex, ball-gags and ring-gags, and many other methods. I particularly enjoy removing touch and sight at the same time. It is important before you try any of this though that you have a verbal or motion safe-word. This can be tapping your foot or hand twice, saying a designated word to stop the sex, holding a fist and only releasing when you need to stop or pause. Communication, negotiation, and consent make sensory deprivation sex go by much smoother with all parties being excited and comfortable with the sexual interaction. 

Play out a sexual fantasy

You ever wanted to roleplay a specific scene? Use a toy during sex? Try a specific position? Do a type of BDSM? Talk with your partner/s about fantasies one or both of you might have. Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect excuse to enjoy bringing a fantasy to life!

Meet up at a bar and pretend you don’t know each other

If you’ve been with someone for a long time, it might be fun to go out and pretend you are meeting again for the first time. That spark of excitement when flirting with a person for the first time is just one of the possible enjoyments. After talking for a while and “getting to know each other,” invite the other person back to your place for a romp.

Take a shower together

If showering together isn’t a regular encounter for you, consider taking a shower and washing each other. Suds each other’s bodies up. Participate in mild foreplay (though make sure soaps don’t go inside if a vagina is involved). Tension of wanting to copulate but not doing so will excite you both so you can get dirty after you get clean.

I hope your Valentine’s Day sex is fun and fulfilling. You don’t need to settle for everyday pleasure when you’re celebrating a special holiday. Use some of these ideas or come up with your own arousing plans. 

Happy early Valentine’s Day. Now, go get some!

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