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By: Dani Kessel

[Disclaimer: This warning is SOLELY based on my own experience. Everyone’s PTSD and anxiety disorders are different. And my triggers may not be the same as yours.]

I wrote and posted this on my own personal social media. I thought it was important enough to post on here though. I have complex PTSD with war-related triggers. (I was born and raised in the military.) As I explain in the warning below, the Tenet prologue preview sent me into a bad PTSD episode and anxiety attack. I am sharing this so that others with a similar situation will be aware of it. I don’t want anyone else to be surprised.

. . .


If you go watch a movie in IMAX, they have been playing the extended Tenet prologue preview. (Specifically, I went to see Birds of Prey. I know that it is also playing before the Rise of Skywalker movie too. I don’t know what other movies it is playing before, but I do know it is only playing in IMAX theaters.) There isn’t much of a warning for what the preview is or the violence that is about to come. It starts out with a theatre/orchestra/audience and goes straight into a terror attack with guns and bombs and SWAT teams. The whole preview lasts for about 6 minutes. 

It threw me into a major PTSD episode which resulted in me bawling, covering my ears, and shutting my eyes as tight as possible. 

I couldn’t tell you if the whole six minutes were shooting and terrorism (since I was in the middle of flashbacks and an anxiety attack). But I can tell you that most of the preview had guns shooting, and the bomb ticking occurs throughout. My friend who was with me said that it was even intense to watch for someone without military-related experiences.

I wanted to put this out there as a warning for anyone else who may be triggered by the preview. BE AWARE and leave the theatre if you need to.

. . . 

Please share this with anyone you know who might need to be aware of the potential triggers in the Tenet preview.

. . .

For those who may ask if I was okay, I bolted out of the theater. My friend helped calm me down. She got me water and found a place for me to sit. I took my anxiety medications. I talked to my sister on the phone who got me through some breathing exercises. Then, my friend and I went to guest services to get our money back. The theater employee was really nice and said I could call the theater before I come in for a movie to check and see if the preview was playing before a movie. After that, my friend and I went to eat tacos and talk (in order to distract me from my anxiety-related thoughts.)

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