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Hey guys! Welcome back. Relationships are difficult at times, especially in the beginning. Break ups are also difficult, especially in the beginning. So today I thought I would take some time to share with you ten signs that the person you are dating isn’t quite over his past relationship yet. So if you are unsure about where he is and if he is still holding a candle for an old flame, hopefully this will provide you with some clarity and you can decide how to move forward from there. So here are ten signs that your new partner isn’t quite over their ex yet.

1. He still talks about her.

Now, past relationships are going to come up in conversation. There will be times when you will mention yours and he will mention his. However, if his past partner is something he brings up all the time and you find that he is smiling and missing that person, that’s not a good sign. If your partner is not over his ex he will miss her and he will probably bring her up as much as he can.

2. He compares you to her.

If he is still missing his last girlfriend he will miss the things she used to do, the way she would act, and other things about her. That will begin to affect your relationship because he will start comparing you to her and might voice those opinions to you. You might find that he will start asking you to do things the way she did and things of that nature. If he does, he’s definitely not over her.

3. He talks about their past.

It’s not enough that he talks about her and brings her up constantly, but you might also start to notice that he brings up their past. He might talk about memories they shared, trips they went on, and just things that they did in general. If you find that he is always taking a trip down memory lane, it is a huge sign that is undeniable. He’s not quite over her yet.

4. They still have regular contact.

If your partner still talks to his last girlfriend regularly and they still communicate pretty regularly, this could be a red flag. Unless they have made it clear that they are just friends and you have no other reason to doubt that, then they shouldn’t have regular and consistent contact with one another unless they have a child together. But if he hasn’t stated that they are just friends and there aren’t children involved, it could be a sign.

5. He calls you by her name.

In no situation or circumstance is calling your current girlfriend an ex-girlfriend’s name okay. If he does this and it’s more than a one time occurrence, it is a major red flag that he’s not over her yet. It shows that he still thinks about her and probably that he thinks about her more than he thinks about you since her name was the first that came to his mind in that situation.

6. He holds on to pictures of her.

Holding on to pictures of an ex-girlfriend is basically saying that he isn’t ready to let go of her yet. He’s still struggling to give up and let go of the past. If he holds on to pictures of them together it most likely means that he’s holding out in case they get back together. Or maybe it’s just because he misses her and keeping the pictures helps him stay in denial that they aren’t together anymore.

7. He is defensive or upset when her starts dating.

If your boyfriend starts getting upset when he founds out his ex-girlfriend is dating someone new, that a pretty clear sign that he still has some feelings for her. If he’s jealous that someone else has her attention it means that he’s not ready to let go and let her be with someone else. If this is the case, he’s definitely not over her and he’s not going to be happy.

8. He won’t commit to you.

If he won’t commit and be in a serious and stable relationship with you, it is a sign that he might be holding on to someone else. Whether it’s because he believes there is still a chance with her or he’s just not ready to try to start over with someone else, if he’s not committing to you and you know there is a previous relationship that he talks about, he might not be over her yet.

9. He doesn’t talk about your future together.

After you have been dating and been together for a while it’s only natural that you start thinking about your future and the future of your relationship. However, if he shuts down conversations about the future and what he thinks it’s probably because he’s not ready to move on with you yet. If he won’t talk about the future with you it might be because he doesn’t see you in his future.

10. Your gut tells you something is wrong.

There are just some things your gut tells you that you shouldn’t ignore. And this is one of them. If your gut is telling you that the relationship isn’t right and that he still has feelings for someone else, it is important to listen to what it is saying and consider what it is telling you. It’s not always easy, but your gut usually knows the truth before your mind and heart do. So pay attention because you will get your answer.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what signs you think are important to watch out for if someone isn’t sure if their partner is over their ex. I would love to know what your thoughts and ideas are. Don’t forget to follow us before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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