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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having a nice and mostly peaceful week. Today I wanted to write a post dedicated to strong women everywhere. I wanted to share some lessons you might have learned in order to become the strong woman that you are today. Maybe you learned a couple of them, maybe you have learned all of them, or maybe you are in the process of learning them. Whatever the case may be, sometimes we go through things in life that force us to be strong. It’s not always a choice. So here are ten lessons you might have learned that helped you become the strong woman that you are today.

1. Never settle.

At some point in your life you might have settled for something less than you deserve. Whether it was a job, a school, a relationship, or something you knew you could do better than but you settled. And after going through that you learned that you deserve more and you shouldn’t settle. You learned to stand up and stay true to the things that you really want.

2. Be independent.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help when you need it. It just means that do your best to not be dependent on too many other people. Because if you have learned this lesson it’s probably because you trusted someone and depended on them for something and they let you down. So out of that you learned to be independent and do things for yourself as much as possible.

3. Let people go.

Sometimes people come into your life not to live there forever, but to teach you something and leave. If you have been let down or disappointed by important people in your life then you have probably learned what people to let go of and what people to hold on. Strength comes in knowing how to handle people who treat you like less than you really are.

4. Have faith.

And by this I don’t mean it has to be religious faith, although it certainly can be. But have faith in something. Have faith in yourself. Have faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to. Faith gives you hope and hope keeps you going. Some strong women have learned how essential faith is in their lives and what it can do for them when they are struggling.

5. Embrace the present.

If you are single right now, embrace this time with yourself. If you are in a relationship, embrace the time you get with your significant other. If you have lost your job, embrace the opportunity to make a career move or find a new job. Embrace the time of life that you are in and know where you are and what you are looking for next. Strong women don’t worry too much about the past or the future, they are content with where they are.

6. Let go of what you think should be.

We all have expectations and things we want out of life. But many strong women have learned that having those expectations isn’t always realistic and can often lead to disappointment. So it’s important to let go of what you think should happen and how life should be and focus on the reality. Do what you can with where you are right now and work towards progressing.

7. Forgive, but never forget.

Strong women have sometimes in the past struggled with forgiveness. But after going through enough sometimes you learn that forgiveness is not for them, it’s for you. Strong women know the value of forgiving and letting go of the hurt that someone caused them. But they also know that while forgiving someone can help heal you, you should never forget because then they might come back and do it again.

8. Don’t make excuses.

Strong women don’t make excuses. They know their faults and failures and they own up to them. They make corrections when necessary and work towards being better in the future. They know they are not perfect and they will make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they make excuses. They put in all the effort they can and live their life in the way that they want to.

9. Love yourself.

A strong woman has learned that you must love yourself and be confident. Having confidence is a helpful way to move forward. Showing that you love yourself and know your good qualities is a great way to get noticed by others and helps you stand out. So strong women have learned to love themselves and radiate the confidence. Just don’t be conceited about anything.

10. You are powerful.

Strong women have been knocked down and had their fair share of being pushed around and ignored. But strong women have also learned that they are more powerful than people realize and their voices do matter. So strong women have learned to speak up for what they believe in and what they know. They don’t allow themselves to silenced or hidden away.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what lesson you learned that helped you become a strong woman. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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