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By: Dani Kessel

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of your free time browsing YouTube. I adore content creators. I’m always looking for new channels to subscribe to. With most of us on lockdown and an increase in free time, I’m here to share 10 different and interesting YouTube channels to watch. I regularly watch nearly all of these channels myself. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


1. DissociaDID

Dissociative Identity Disorder is largely overlooked and stigmatized in the media. When it is shown, false narratives and an array of myths are spread. This channel, run by the DissociaDID system, works to educate on matters of DID, PTSD, and trauma. Nin is the primary host of the system; however, other alters frequently make appearances to share their voices, thoughts, and experiences. 


2. Merphy Napier

Are you an avid bibliophile? Merphy Napier, a book nerd and author in her own right, runs this YouTube channel dedicated to the written word. Napier summarizes and reviews books. She breaks down specific literary tropes. She also does deep analyses on aspects of the Harry Potter books. 


3. CinemaSins

Movies are fun to watch. They are fun to comment on. And they are even more fun to bash. CinemaSins wraps all three of these things into one. Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson tally up the worst, silliest, most ridiculous parts of movies. Sometimes, they’re just funny nitpicking. Other times, especially when they comment on how long the logos last, are totally warranted.


4. Colleen Ballinger

Colleen Ballinger’s channel is the video equivalent of a lifestyle blog. She talks about random stuff. She tries makeup and weird recommended products from online. She talks about cooking and her life as a mother. This channel thrives because Colleen is hilarious with an exuberant personality.


5. Molly Burke

Ever wondered about fashion, makeup, exercise, and life as a blind woman? Molly Burke’s YouTube channel is the perfect balance of all these topics. She’s exuberant and friendly. She shares great advice and tries out new products. She reflects on issues of disability. Her guide dog, Gallop, is featured often. Overall, the channel is just a reflection of Molly’s life, interests, and activities.


6. Doctor Ramani

This channel is run by Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist with a focus on narcissism. She speaks about the different psychological aspects of narcissism, narcissistic abuse, how it affects family dynamics, and how to best interact with a narcissist.


7. Jessica Kent

Interested in knowing what prison is really like, what it’s like to recover from a polysubstance addiction, and how to forgive yourself for your past? Jessica Kent’s content covers these three topics from her own personal experiences. Her partner Reece, a veteran and recovered meth addict, also shares his own stories. Both are very honest and own up to their mistakes. They don’t glorify their past actions or their time in prison. The channel is emotionally real.


8. Ahsante the Artist

Self-care, wellness, life, adulthood, and social issues are the center of Ahsante’s YouTube channel. Ahsante graduated from Harvard, and she’s an incredibly intelligent, funny, black, queer, asexual woman with a voice worth hearing.


9. TEDx Talks

This channel features TED Talks done by experts from a wide variety of subjects. Pick any topic. I’m sure you can find at least one TED Talk about it on this channel!


10. Ash Hardell

Ash Hardell is a quirky, funny, adorable queer, non-binary trans person who makes videos. They spend a lot of time breaking down and educating on LGBTQ+ issues. They talk about psychology and their own mental health. They also do some crafting videos and artistic parodies. Overall, it is a channel I’ve enjoyed for a long time. 

There you have it! I hope you check out these 10 channels. 

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