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Hi! My name is Samantha!

I am fueled by faith, blogging, and chocolate. I’m all about having authentic and intentional conversations, as well as offering advice where I can. I love talking all things blogging, beauty, and lifestyle. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you will choose to subscribe and stay a while!


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Hey guys! Welcome back. It’s time once again for another monthly Q&A. These are some of my favorite posts to write because I get to interact with you guys and talk about the things that you are curious about and want to know. So today I have quite a few questions that you guys asked over on Instagram (lovegeekygirlblog). So let’s just get into these questions!

What does your forever dream home look like?

I have a lot of ideas and visions for my dream home, but I don’t really have a specific place in mind. We have things that we want, but as far what the whole house looks like, I don’t really know.

What do you see in yourself that is different now that you are in a relationship?

There are a lot of things that are different. I am much more open with myself now that I have to be open with someone else. I don’t hide my feelings as much and I don’t ignore things that I am going through. I am much more trusting and vulnerable.

What is your favorite perfume right now?

The Bath & Body Works Margarita Cupcake Body Spray.

Were you afraid to love again?

I was definitely afraid to love again. It’s scary. It’s not just about you anymore. And you have to find the balance and routine with another person. It’s definitely scary to go to that place, but I believe with the right person it is totally worth it.

What made you want to start your blogging journey and what was the turning point for you?

I have always really loved writing and when I realized that I could it on my own I knew I wanted to give it a shot. So I just created a website and started writing. I didn’t really put a ton of time or effort into the design or organization of it because I didn’t really think anyone else would read it and want to follow. So the turning point for me was when I realized that people really are interested in what I have to say and I am able to share that with them. It’s just nice to know that what you do matters.

Tips for moving forward after being hurt?

Being hurt is never easy and neither is moving forward. But one of the biggest tips I can think of is to just trust that everything happens for a reason. Know that what you are feeling right now is valid, but at some point you have to trust that what is coming will be better. You just have to be open to it.

What do you do when you get a “gut” feeling about something?

I am definitely the kind of person who trusts my gut. I go with what I feel. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But I believe that if my gut is saying something isn’t right then I try to steer clear of whatever it is.

What is your biggest challenge in the mornings?

Honestly my biggest challenge is getting out of bed. Once I’m up, the rest of it is pretty easy and fast.

What is the next thing you are planning for your life?

The next big plan is moving. Hopefully it will happen soon.

Do you believe in fate?

I do believe in fate, but I also believe that people can control some things that happen to them, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Are you more worried about doing things right or doing the right thing?

That is a tough question. Honestly I worry about both which often causes me to overthink and get anxious and worry. But I think if I had to choose one I would choose doing the right thing. Because doing something right doesn’t really matter if you were doing the wrong thing anyway. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Do you believe mothers know best?

I believe that they think they do. But they don’t always.

What are you most thankful for?

My support system. Because even on my worst days I know I have people who are there for me and can be a light. It brings me great joy.

What’s your favorite radio show?

Are you kidding me? The Bobby Bones Show!!!

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

I drink Dr. Pepper way more often than I should.

Do you keep a budget?

I sincerely do my best.

What on thing in particular makes you feel good about yourself?

Knowing that I show up everyday and do my very best. Even though I am not perfect, I try to do the best I can because I know that’s all I can do. If I give all of my effort I know that I have done enough.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments what questions you have for next month’s Q&A. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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2 comments on “April Q&A

  1. DGGYST says:

    Margarita Cupcake! Hell yea!

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    1. It’s amazing! And makes me wonder if I can make margarita cupcakes!

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