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By: Dani Kessel

So many people are missing out on the chance to celebrate their birthdays. It’s sad, especially for kids. Younger kids don’t fully understand why they can’t go to the movies or a museum or go see friends. Even adults are glum that they have nothing to do. In order to help raise everyone’s spirits, I’ve brainstormed fun quarantined ways to celebrate a birthday at any age! 

Ninja Laser Course


Tape diagonal pieces of red or glow in the dark yarn across hallways and rooms at varying angles and heights. See how long each person takes to get through. If you’re feeling adventurous and know the layout of the area well, turn out the lights and try to navigate it with the glow in the dark string.

Netflix Party or Watch2Gether

Google Chrome has an extension where multiple people on different computers can watch the same Netflix show together at the same time. The Watch2Gether extension on Google Chrome also supports watching shows together on different computers, except this extension supports many websites other than Netflix. Pull up a group chat or group text and put on a show for everyone to watch together from their own homes.

Living Room Dance Party

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t get all dolled up to go dancing. Dress up, maybe put on some makeup, dim the lights, and blast music in the living room. Maybe hang streamers for decoration. If you have glowsticks, make glowstick necklaces and bracelets. You can have a dance party right from your own home. 

Sky Zone Virtual Party

During quarantine, Sky Zone has you covered. They are offering 20-minute virtual birthday parties for approximately 10 kids a party. The kids will all click onto a video network, and Sky Zone employees will guide them through games, activities, songs, and singing Happy Birthday. If you click the link above, it will take you to the page where you can schedule your party. Parents are encouraged to participate in the activities as well, especially for younger kids. 

Blanket Fort & Movie


Why not have a living room campout? That’s a great way to spend a birthday. Build a blanket fort with pillows and fun patterned blankets/sheets. Pick out a few of the birthday person’s favorite shows. Then, eat on the floor while relaxing in your little fort and watching the movies. 

Make-Your-Own Pizza Party

Depending on what groceries are available in your area, a fun birthday celebration for those who like food or cooking is making pizza at home. The ingredients themselves aren’t usually too expensive. You can even find some of them at the dollar store. Spend an evening letting everyone in the house create their own pizza with the ingredients and toppings. Then, once they are cooked, have everyone in the family try a piece of each.

Home Scavenger Hunt

This one will take some creativity! Put together a list of riddles and clues. Place them around your house/apartment. Hide the birthday presents somewhere, and make sure they are wherever the last clue leads to. There are a wide variety of examples online to work from. This one is a good starting point.

Game Night Party

Have some games lying around? Put together a game night in the birthday person’s honor. You can make a themed quiz. Ask questions to see who knows the birthday person best. Set up charades with topics the birthday person likes. Select some songs for freeze dance. Makeshift words for catchphrase. Pick out a little prize for whoever wins the most games. Then, call friends on Zoom. Everyone can play safely from their own homes. A gamemaster will have to run the whole thing since a lot of these games require a referee or someone to help digitally share words. But, it could be a ton of fun!

Fashion Photoshoot

Are you quarantined with a fashionista that’s having a birthday? (Remember! That can be a person of any gender!) Have your own little photoshoot. The birthday person can put on different outfits, play around with makeup, do silly poses. They might enjoy being the center of attention. Involve their favorite things in the house. Make photo booth props. If you have a cake, maybe take a picture of them smashing their face in it. At the end of the photoshoot, you can put together a slide show of the images. Show it off to everyone at your house. Send it to family and friends who couldn’t be there. 

Balloon Waterfall


Here’s a little surprise you can put together to make the birthday person feel extra special.  The night before their birthday, pick out a doorway. (This only works well if you don’t sleep in the room you are planning this for.) Either tape up a large sheet of kraft paper or tape up crisscrossing streamers. Blow up a ton of balloons (not with helium). Shove them in between the paper/streamers and the door. When the birthday person opens the door in the morning, they’ll be flooded with a waterfall of balloons! I did something similar for my older sister a few years back, except instead of doing the doorway thing, I just filled the entire floor of her bedroom with balloons while she was at work. She LOVED IT! 

I hope this helped you come up with fun ways to celebrate birthdays while still following the CDC’s quarantine guidelines. If the crowd is 21+ and open to drinking, alcohol can be added into the mix with any of these ideas. If the crowd doesn’t drink or is under 21, soda and sweets can be added to add a little extra fun. 

For those with birthdays coming up, happy birthday! I hope you have a great time!

For those whose birthdays have passed in the last couple of weeks, feel free to share how you celebrated your birthday in quarantine down in the comments section.

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