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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are all having a fantastic day, night, week, weekend whenever it is that you are reading this. I hope it finds you well. Today I wanted to share ten things I have learned over the course of my life that have really changed my life. From the way I think to the way I live to the way I treat myself, these ten things really revolutionized things for me and I really wanted to share them with you. Hopefully you find this inspiring or encouraging in some way. Maybe you will learn something from this. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it!

1. If you only stick to what you know, you will never get anywhere.

This has not been easy for me to learn at all because I literally always stick to the same things. I rarely branch out. But I can say I have been better about being open to new challenges, new opportunities, and new directions in general. Because I learned that if I only stuck to what I know and never tried to reach beyond that then that’s all I would be. If I never tried anything new I would never get anywhere new. And I didn’t want to stay stuck in the same place forever, so I had to try new things even though it was way out of my comfort zone. But it has given me so much perspective on just going after things that I want and really living life on my own terms. There is so much power in trying new things and taking risks.

2. Changing does not mean I am betraying myself.

Speaking of change, I used to think that if I allowed myself to like new things or get interested in something new that I wasn’t being authentic to who I am. I have always struggled with Imposter Syndrome no matter where I am or what I am doing. And because of that I never really let myself give everything I have to more than one thing at a time. It’s the reason podcasting wasn’t super successful before. I always thought of myself as a blogger and felt like if I let myself get into podcasting that I was somehow betraying myself or not being true to myself. But I learned that is not always the case. It’s okay to change and branch out. It just means you are growing and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because you try something new doesn’t mean you have to give something else up.

3. I can let go of anything that’s not beneficial to me.

As a creature of habit, I can honestly admit that it is difficult for me to let go of things. But I have learned that it’s okay, in fact it’s necessary, for me to let go of anything that is not benefiting me or my life. Maybe it’s selfish, maybe it’s not. But I do believe that sometimes we have to be selfish and do what is best for ourselves. Not every person and everything is meant to be in our lives forever. And sometimes you just have to let go. Over time I have learned what that means and that I am allowed to let go.

4. If the passion is there, I can do it.

If you have never been told that you can’t do something, then you’ve probably never talked to anyone about doing anything. Unfortunately my problem is I tell too many people too many things. And I have heard many times that I can’t do a lot of things. However, over the years I have learned that if I have the passion to do something, I will find a way. That doesn’t mean that I won’t need help, but there is always someone willing to help. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say. I have learned over time with everything I have tried that if the passion is there, I can do it.

5. I have to do what I’m passionate about, even if it’s not my career.

Creating content is not my career. Blogging is not my career. Someday it might be, but right now it’s not. But I have learned that just because it’s not my career and I’m not making any real income from it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be doing it. It just means that if I want it to someday be my career I just have to keep working to get better. I have learned that if you have a strong passion for something you should act on it because it’s not there for nothing. Use your passion for good. If it means something to you, figure out why it means so much and what you can do with it.

6. My happiness matters.

Coming from someone who used to put everyone else’s happiness above my own, I know the feeling of not thinking that my happiness matters. I still feel that way sometimes. But I know that it does matter and I just have to prioritize it for myself. It is possible to think about other people but still think about yourself. So I have learned over the years that my happiness is important and how I feel does matter. I shouldn’t tear myself down just to build others up. That does nothing for anyone.

7. Feeling good comes from within.

I mean you can feel good on the outside all day long, but if you don’t feel good on the inside then do you really feel good? I have learned that happiness, being content, having joy and passion, and feeling comfortable and confident really do start on the inside. So it’s so important to start from the inside out when you are trying to feel better and get on a better track. Because you can work on the outside all day, but if the inside gets neglected you won’t be able to truly appreciate the work you did on the outside.

8. Overthinking doesn’t have to be so natural.

I am a natural over thinker. And when I say it’s natural I mean I have literally done it since I was a small child. I really used to over think everything. I still struggle with, don’t get me wrong, but I have learned that it doesn’t have to come so naturally. It is easier said then done, so don’t come for telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. This is just about me, not everyone. But I have learned that I don’t have to over think every situation before I go into it. Sometimes I just go in, fail if that’s my destiny, and move on. It’s not ideal, but it beats overthinking everything into never doing anything.

9. Choosing my friends wisely.

Friends are the family that you choose to have. So if you have friends that judge you, tear you down, make you feel bad, or take advantage of you, then you aren’t really giving yourself a fair chance. I have learned the importance of having really good friends that you can depend on and trust. I have had some really great friends and some really crappy friends, so I know what it’s like to not know the difference. But it’s really important to choose quality over quantity and know what you can trust.

10. Stop measuring my success by the success of others.

My life doesn’t look like everyone else’s, so my success isn’t going to either. My definition of success isn’t always going to be the same as someone else’s and that’s okay. All that matters is that I am doing what is right for me and I am doing the things that make me happy. My path is not the same as someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean that either of us are taking the wrong path. I just have to focus on myself and work on growing and moving forward.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments something you have learned that has changed your life. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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5 comments on “Ten Things I’ve Learned That Have Changed My Life

  1. thank you for these x

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  2. Kelsey says:

    A thought provoking list. Thanks for writing this!

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  3. Kim Petitt says:

    Being a person that doesn’t like change it can be difficult to not what to stick to what I know however we have to be willing to expand our boarders and think outside of the box.

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  4. Aaliya fatma says:

    Thanks for your opinions… 😊

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