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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having a great day. I am back with this month’s Q&A post and I am so excited to answer some of these questions. A lot of you submitted questions on Instagram and I looked through a few of them and they are really good questions. And they cover a wide variety of topics, so this should be a pretty interesting Q&A. So let’s just dive right in!

1. How is your job going?

This was the first question and I really appreciate when you guys ask me questions like this. It makes me feel like you genuinely care and want to know how things are going. To answer the question, right now it’s going all right. It has slowed down a bit, but with Mother’s Day coming we still have quite a bit of people coming through. People around here aren’t really living by the “Stay At Home” rule. They justify going to the grocery store by saying they need eggs, but once they get there they aren’t worried about leaving. So that makes it really difficult for us because it’s hard to keep things clean and picked up when there are people always coming through and not putting things back where they found them.

2. Are you excited about getting older?

I’m excited about moving forward. I don’t know about getting older, other than hopefully it means I have things a little bit more put together. Hopefully getting older is a good thing and things just continue to get better.

3. How do you take care of yourself when you are sick?

To be completely honest, I don’t think I really do what I’m supposed to when I’m sick. Whenever I’m sick I pretty much don’t eat at all and it really messes up the recovery. I just get as much rest as possible and try to get over it as soon as possible.

4. What is something you wish you could avoid?

Getting sick.

5. What do you think people undervalue today?

I don’t think people really see the value of a kind gesture. It really makes so much difference, especially when you know someone is struggling. Kindness really does go a long way and it’s so worth it.

6. What is your favorite board game?

I love so many, but probably Monopoly.

7. Which historic war do you feel was the most tragic and which was the most beneficial?

I think the most tragic was the First World War because they lost pretty much an entire generation of men and more fighting over basically nothing in the end. As far as the most beneficial, I’m not really sure. I can’t give a confident answer on that one. If you have thoughts, let us know in the comments.

8. When do you think communication is the most important?

When you are disagreeing about something. When you disagree, instead of clamming up I think it’s better to talk it out. But also be sure to listen.

9. Have you watched Instant Influencer? What are your thoughts?

I have watched Instant Influencer and honestly I love it. I wasn’t really sure what I would think, but I love reality competition shows and I love makeup, so here we are. If you don’t know, Instant Influencer is a series that James Charles has on his YouTube Channel where he chose six smaller influncers to fly out to L.A. to compete to become basically the “Next Big Thing”. And I have been really loving it. I think it’s a great show, I love the way it was produced and set up, and I love that it’s free. I have pretty much agreed with all the decisions and eliminations up to this point and I can’t wait for Friday’s episode.

10. How do you handle passive aggressive people?


11. Do you think art is subjective?

I think it can be. I don’t think it always has to be.

And those are the questions! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions for next month’s Q&A. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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