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Hey guys! Welcome back. Last night I finished the final season of 13 Reasons Why. If you don’t know what this show is it is a Netflix Original Show revolving around a group of high school students following the suicide of one of their classmates. It has a total of four seasons each one getting deeper and deeper into the issues at hand. The show deals with suicide, sexual assault, gun violence, and so much more. And today I want to reflect on the show and share my thoughts.

Before I get too far in, however, I do want to share a couple of things. I recognize that because of the severity of many of the issues the show talks about that this show is not for everyone. Nor will you ever hear me say everyone should watch it. It can be triggering for some and that’s when it’s important to know if it is something you can handle or not.

But, I also want to say that I disagree with the people who say the show should not exist at all. The people who say that the show is not realistic and it’s too dramatic. It’s not a reality show. It’s not supposed to be completely realistic. They do have to dramatize certain situations and create stories that seem bizarre to keep people coming back and watching more. So in terms of people refusing to watch it because it seems too out there, a lot of the things that the show talks about do actually happen. From drug use to suicide to rape, these things actually happen and their consequences are great.

In terms of the show, I actually did really like it. I thought it did a really great job at telling the story. There were some things that I didn’t really agree with and didn’t think were completely necessary, but I think overall they did a good job of telling certain stories. Some things could have been left out, but I think they did get a lot of really good messages out.

I love that this show was able to start so many conversations, whether you agree with how the show handled them or not. Not every situation is the same and not every person who deals with these things experiences them the same way. What the show did a really great job of was get viewers into the story and connect with the characters and help start really important conversations about some of these bigger topics.

As a show on it’s own it was really good. I loved the character developments and how the story progressed. I loved that each season was better than the one before it. I really grew to love the characters, especially in the last season. I don’t think that last death was altogether necessary and I’m still not okay with it, but I did really enjoy the show. I would recommend it to anyone who can handle it and be okay watching it. Even if you don’t always agree with how they handle certain things, no show is perfect. Just give it a fair shot before you completely disregard it.

It is very intense and there are some things that I have to fast forward through. But overall it is very good and I am sad that it’s over. But it ended at the right time. It didn’t have too few or too many seasons. It had a really good run and I will look back and watch it again in the future. But for now I need to take a break and watch some other shows and get to know new characters.

But those are my thoughts on 13 Reasons Why! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Have you watched the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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