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Hey guys! Welcome back. One question that I get asked quite often is how I manage everything I have going on and how I keep up with everything. And this is something I have talked about in the past, but I wanted to do an updated post and share what I do and what I use to get things done and stay organized. This is something I have been doing for about three or four years now and it really helped me during college and I still do it to this day because it’s so helpful.

A hidden gem that I really recommend to everyone is Google Calendar. I can’t believe how many people I have talked to that don’t utilize this tool because most of us have it. If you have a Gmail account you have Google Calendar. One of my favorite things about this calendar is it is a free digital space there to help you organize your life. But I also use my planner which I will talk about. So with that, I am going to share with you how I plan and organize my life to keep up with everything that I have going on.

1. Always start with a to-do list.

I always like to start with a to-do list because it allows me to have a general list of tasks I need to get done and gives me a visual for later when I start putting things in my Google Calendar. And I write my to-do list in my planner. I use my planner to help me keep up with ideas and things I need to track until it’s time for me to put them in the calendar because this way I’m not trying to remember everything when it’s time. I know I can turn to my planner and know exactly what I need to plan for everyday.

2. Create calendars for different parts of my life.

For the most part I already have all of the calendars set up for things I am doing, but I did want to mention this anyway because it’s something really useful that I wanted to share. When you create calendars on Google Calendar it is essentially color-coding everything so you can glance at your calendar and know exactly what you are doing that day. So you can create as many calendars as you need for as many things as you need to. You can view your calendar by the day, the week, or the month. I usually view mine by the week because it’s just the most helpful for me, but it’s all about personal preference.

3. Start adding non-negotiables to the calendar.

Once I have my to-do list ready and all of my calendars ready to go, I start adding in the non-negotiables to my calendar. This is everything from my work schedule to anything that has to be done at a specific time. These are all things that are priority that have to be set at a certain time. This is really helpful because it helps me make sure I don’t have two things scheduled at the same time. So I always recommend starting with your priority tasks first because it will really help you make sure you are organized and ready to go.

4. Plan breaks.

When I was in college and I first started using Google Calendar I had this really bad habit of planning every minute of my day with something. The problem with that is I didn’t plan any breaks or wiggle room. There was literally no white space on my calendar. So obviously I didn’t go everyday without a break, so what would happen is I would end up skipping certain tasks on my calendar in order to take a break. Or when something popped up there was nowhere for me to move the task I missed because I was taking care of something else. So it’s important when planning your day that you plan for some breaks and leave at least an hour or two of wiggle room.

5. Block time for clients.

When it comes to coaching and working with other people I like to time batch those calls. So when I have two people I am meeting with on the same day I like to block time for them as close together as possible. So if one person says they can meet at one time then the next person I try to recommend times before and after that time that are as close to that time as possible while still giving myself plenty of time before and after to prepare. But this just keeps me from having to get ready twice. I know everything is set up and ready to go. Of course it doesn’t always work out this way, but it’s always good to at least try and make them as close as possible.

6. Add the rest of my to-do list.

After I have made my to-do list, created my calendars, added my non-negotiables, planned my breaks, and blocked time for coaching calls, I then add the rest of my to-do list. These are all things that aren’t super important or that can be moved around. Like writing blog posts can be moved to later in the day if needed. Instagram can be moved around if needed. There are certain things in our to-do lists that can be moved around and Google Calendar makes it really easy to be able to do that. So I just go in and start adding things where I would like to get them done. But I always try to leave some white space so things can be moved if needed because life doesn’t always go as planned.

And that is how I plan my life and stay on the organized side of things. Like I said, life doesn’t always go as planned, but it’s helpful to at least have a general idea of what I’m doing and what I need to get done. Google Calendar is a really great tool for that! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what you do to stay organized in your daily life. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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