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I am fueled by faith, blogging, and chocolate. I’m all about having authentic and intentional conversations, as well as offering advice where I can. I love talking all things blogging, beauty, and lifestyle. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you will choose to subscribe and stay a while!


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Hey guys! Welcome back. I am here today with another post in my series “Life Through My Eyes”. Today I am going to be talking to you about what I believe my content is for. I do a lot of content creating, especially once I get back into making YouTube videos. So today I really wanted to share with you why I continue to make content and grow my brand. I want to express to you what I believe my content is for and what I hope to accomplish each time to share something with you.

I have been making content consistently since I started my blog over three years ago. I have grown so much both as a person and as a content creator. So it’s no big surprise that as I have grown, my goals and plans for my content has grown as well. As time has gone on I have readjusted my focus and what I choose to write about and share with you all. Over time I have grown to share more of my personal life and journey with you all, which is a big part of why I started this series.

The purpose for the largest part of my content is to hopefully inspire you in some way. I hope by sharing parts of my life and my story it can help you in some way. My goal is to provide you with inspiration and motivation to make it through whatever part of life you are in right now. I believe my content’s biggest purpose is helping other people. I usually don’t post things that I don’t think people will really take anything from. So at the end of the day, like more things in my life, my biggest goal in creating content is helping other people. Whether it’s something small like tips on how to do something to something big like helping someone feel like they aren’t alone in their struggles, my goal is always to help someone.

I started creating content just for the sake of having something to do. However, once I started picking up a decent sized following, I new I wanted to shift my purpose and intent. I knew I wanted to start creating content that would really help other people and provide value to their lives. I wanted to give my readers content that they could relate to and really want to read. It really just made sense to shift my focus from myself and writing for me to writing for my readers and giving them content that they could use in their real lives.

And now I have over 1,600 followers and that still blows my mind. I get just as excited now to get a new follower as i did when I first started. It really warms my heart to know that you guys continue to love what I am putting out and that you find what I have to say worth sticking around for. If it weren’t for you guys I don’t know if I would still be doing this. But I truly believe that my content is really good for lifting people up and sharing what I have learned to add to your lives. So I keep doing it and I will continue for as long possible. Creating content is something I really love to do.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments what kinds of content you love to see from me the most. This will help me in creating content in the future curated specifically to what you guys want to see. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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2 comments on “Life Through My Eyes #12: What I Believe My Content Is For

  1. Zoewiezoe says:

    I think that need to have an impact, be inspirational and better those around you is THE best fucking way to go out there. Fuck making some money. Fuck getting a bunch of virtual followers. It’s making that difference, even if it’s just one person, that counts!

    Totally with you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For sure! I’ve never been into this for money because believe me I’m not making any kind of real income from it. And as much as I am super thankful for all of the followers I have, even if I only had one but was making a real difference in that person’s life, I would consider myself successful and fulfilled.


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