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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having a lovely week. Today I am here to share with you all of the ways I am pampering myself this Fall and provide you with a few ideas that you could use. I think especially right now with everything that is going on, we could all use a little pampering and relaxation. So I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to talk about how I pamper myself and everything I love doing when I need a little pick me up. I think sometimes we get so busy and life gets the best of us so often that we don’t always give ourselves the break and rest that we need. So here are all the ideas I have on how you can pamper yourself this Fall.

Take a relaxing bubble bath.

It probably comes at no surprise to many of you who have been around for a while, but taking bubble baths is something I really enjoy doing. I don’t get to do them very often, but when I do I make the most of it. I especially love bubble baths during this time of year when it’s a bit chillier. They are just extra special and relaxing. I love the Dr. Teals bubble baths because not only are the relaxing and smell good, but they also have many health benefits as well. So I always reach for those when it’s bath time and I’m going the extra mile. I also like having a candle going and some relaxing music. It just all comes together in a relaxing way.

Get takeout.

Getting takeout or ordering pizza is a really nice way to treat yourself sometimes. A little indulgence is sometimes just the thing you need and it never hurt anyone. It’s not necessarily recommended all the time, but once in a while it’s just the thing you need to relax and just treat yourself. Even though I really enjoy cooking and I love making meals for myself, sometimes it’s nice to take a breather and let someone else take care of that for me. So sometimes I will order takeout or a pizza and just take the night off from having to do anything that I’m going to have to clean up later or worry about.

Watch a movie.

I have never been a huge movie person because honestly I just never really have time to sit through an entire movie in one sitting. But sometimes when I am taking a break and just trying to relax, I will take the time to sit down and watch a movie (especially if I’m not cooking). Sometimes I will choose a movie I have seen many times before and other times I will choose a new movie. Regardless, I try to find a movie I’m sure I will enjoy because I hate when I sit through an entire movie and don’t end up liking it. Which is why I usually tend to turn to movies I have seen before, but let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations!

Face Mask.

I used to do face masks all the time, but recently I have not been doing them nearly as much as I should be. But on nights when I am pampering myself and want to do something extra special I will take the time to do a face mask. Sometimes I do an exfoliating mask to clear my skin and remove all the dry and dead skin, but other times I will do a sheet mask to help with hydration or brightness. It all just depends on what I feel like my skin needs at that time. Face masks are really great I just don’t always give myself the time to do them, so I usually do them while I am taking a nice bubble bath.

Do your nails.

I try to keep my nails looking nice all the time, but sometimes they start to look really rough before I do anything about them. So when I am wanting to pamper myself I like to do my nails if they need to be done. Not only is it super relaxing for me, but it’s something I can continue to enjoy for days to come. It’s also one of the easier and quicker ways for me to pamper myself. It’s just something I can do for myself. I have only had my nails done professionally one time and as much as I would love to be able to afford to get my nails done more often, I have found great satisfaction in doing them myself.

Spend time with your friends.

Often times we think that pampering ourselves can only involve ourselves and in most cases that may be true. However, there are also plenty of ways for you to pamper yourself while still spending time with others. For me, I don’t always have the time I would like to spend time with my friends and just catch up. So I like to take the time whenever I can to soak up every moment I can with the people close to me. I have grown very close to both of my roommates and I love spending time with them and talking to them. So sometimes my way of pampering myself is allowing myself to not worry about other things and just live in the moment with them.


We need sleep no matter what, but when I say pamper yourself by sleeping I mean sleep for an extra amount of time.Whether it’s going to bed early or letting yourself sleep in on your day off, sleeping can be a nice way of pampering yourself. Our bodies need rest and sometimes when we are always busy and on the go, we don’t get enough sleep. Sometimes we get just what we need and then keep going. But our minds and bodies need adequate rest to perform at their best, so when it comes to pampering yourself take a couple of extra hours and just sleep for a bit. It’s amazing what a difference a good night’s sleep makes.

And those are my favorite ways to pamper myself! I hope that you find something from this list that you can take with you and use to pamper yourself because you deserve it. We all need some time to do what we love and helps us relax sometimes. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this and find it helpful. Please like it if you did. Let us know in the comments what your favorite way to pamper yourself is. I think we could all benefit from some news ideas, so let us know! Don’t forget to follow us before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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