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I have very few people that I consider best friends. Because of my traumas, I’m extremely guarded, and it takes me a while to let people in enough. Even then, people that others would usually consider best friends, I consider my family. So, when I got challenged to the best friend tag, I had a very limited number of people to choose from. But, I decided to interview my newest best friends. Jaymie is a bestie I met at the end of my college years. Considering she and I have only known each other for about 3.5 years, I figured it would be fun to see how much she knew. The answers were extremely interesting. 

Without further ado, here are 20 questions from the best friend tag challenge!

  1. What was your first impression of me?

“Harry Potter nerd. I just went, “ah, look. Fellow nerd.” Also, I thought you were really cute.”

  1. How long does it take me to get ready?

“I get the sense that you are probably a no-nonsense kind of person who says, ‘these pants are clean.’”

  1. If we were in jail together, why would it be?

“I mean, so it’s obviously vandalism or assault, but the question is who and with what. Yeah, I’m going to say vandalism. We’re vandalizing the home of someone who is responsible for some great injustice. I’m thinking that the person whose home we are vandalizing–I mean, whoever it is, they have it coming.”

  1. Who are my celebrity crushes?

“Eddie Redmayne, Aubrey Plaza, and Paul Rudd” (She missed a few, but all three of these people are extremely attractive.)

  1. How would you describe my personality?

“You are like a really big dog that spent some time as a guard dog. You have protective instincts, but you’re also a loveable floof that likes belly rubs.”

  1. What is my favorite food?

“Is it a taco?” (Yes.) “Tacos are perfect.”

  1. If you had to make a DnD character based on me, what class, race, alignment, and special skill would I have?

“Class is obvious: a barbarian. You would be, assuming a traditional dnd setting, your race would be something interesting like aasimar. An aasimar is a person who is descended from someone divine in origin. They look like normal people, but they usually have a tendency to be very honor-bound. I can see your codes of conduct for that being something like stand up for the little guy and help your friend and generally be a good person. There’s just innate goodness inside you that is really special to know. Your special skill would have to have something to do with always knowing the right snarky remark to say at the moment to actually make something happen. You could be that person that is running away from a guard and says, ‘Hey, your shoe’s untied.’ Then you run away while he’s looking. You know what to say to get results.”

  1. Do I believe in ghosts and paranormal things?

“To a certain extent, at least. Yes, I think.” (Correct! I very much believe in spirits.)

  1. Do I prefer going to the cinema or watching movies at home?

“You love the movie theatre, the whole experience. Having a snack and seeing a movie that’s fresh out. You love having that whole space dedicated to the movies. The popcorn, the seats, the drinks.”

  1. What favorite memory do you have with me?

“This one’s really easy for me. It’s when you got your name changed because you lit up. The relief that I saw you feel when the judge pronounced it was kind of a gift for me. I got to see and experience that with you. That’s really special, and I’ll always treasure it.”

  1. Have I ever been in a fistfight?

“Yeah.” (She didn’t actually know anything about it, but she said just based on my personality she figured I had.)

  1. Where do I like to go to unwind?

“The movie theatre. Or home. And maybe for a walk with Padfoot.” 

  1. Rate my cooking skills. (This one is particularly interesting for me because she is an amazing cook and loves doing so, but we haven’t gotten to cook together often.)

“I think against the backdrop of most people I know, from what little cooking we’ve done together, I’d put you at maybe a 5 for most people who don’t spend time cooking.”

  1. What’s a pet peeve of mine?

“I feel like I’ve seen you react badly to really bad storytelling. Especially when a character makes a choice that doesn’t make sense. Then, they don’t explain it. Because most of the tension comes from choices that don’t make sense. But, it’s resolved by finding out the reasoning. So it irks you when that isn’t explained.”

  1. If you were to describe me as one superhero/villain, who would you pick and why?

“I get the feeling that you would be a less-lethal magneto. I feel like you would stand up against injustice in any power structure like he does. But I don’t think you’d take the ‘us vs. them’ as far. You’d know where to draw the line on that mentality.”

  1. If I had a warning label, what would it say?

“Warning: High voltage.” (Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what she meant by this answer.)

  1. What 3 things could I not live without?

“Coffee, something to write with, and a cute quadruped.”

  1. What seasonal coffee am I and why?

“Pumpkin spice latte. Pumpkin for some reason has an association in my head with Harry Potter. Because when I think about you, I think about Harry Potter. And because when I think about pumpkin spice, I think about Harry Potter. Plus, you love autumn holidays.” (This answer was included with protest because I absolutely despise the taste of pumpkin spice. If it’s your jam, that’s cool. But I do NOT like it.)

  1. What’s something I do that makes you smile?

“I love the little affirmations that you give. Just, ‘Hey, you. Friend, you’re important to me. Here is a picture of something hugging something else. It made me think of you.’ And I love that.”

  1. Fill in the blank:

“Our friendship is nourishing.”

This was quite an interesting challenge. Had I asked one of my two other best friends to do this, who’ve known me for 10+ years, you would have received very different answers. I open up the more I trust you, and time really plays into that. As a best friend, the longer you’ve known me, the more you peel back the layers of my personality and experiences. I’m like an onion!

Ogres are like Onions – Shrek [scene]

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me through the eyes of one of my best friends. If you enjoyed it, hit the like button. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other challenges you’d like me to partake in. You guys always provide me with interesting ideas.

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