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By: Dani Kessel

From 2000 to 2007, a family television show called Gilmore Girls became a touchstone for multigenerational and interclass stories. It’s praised for its fast-paced, realistic portrayal of mother-daughter relationships. When we look back on it, we see many stars like Melissa McCarthy and Jared Paladecki before they got famous. To this day, the tv show remains in pop culture’s attention span.

Here are 12 reasons why you need to watch the show:

  1. Gilmore Girls can be summarized by 3 things: coffee, coffee, coffee!

Lorelai and Rory drink coffee nearly every episode. There are entire scenes dedicated to Luke calling out their coffee-drinking habits. Lorelai said it best, “I can’t stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking the coffee, and I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words-putting-into-sentence-doing. If you’re a coffee-lover, this is the perfect show for you.

  1. Early noughties nostalgia!

With all the pop culture references in Gilmore Girls, this show is a snapshot of the early noughties. Who can forget the Offspring vs Metallica debate, Gwen and Gavin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “I’ve got the high ground,” ring pops, Final Destination 3, Juicy pants, Macy Gracy, and only 4 of the Harry Potter books being out? Gilmore Girls is nostalgic for those of us who lived through its original release.

  1. Nobody can’t love Kirk.

Kirk is absolutely hilarious, quirky, and 100% himself. Not only does he work every job around, but he also aspires to own a pedicab and create films. Before the movie in the park, the residents are treated to “A Film By Kirk.” This is one of the most unforgettable scenes in the 7 seasons. We all love Kirk because he marches to the beat of his own drum, no matter what anybody thinks of him.

  1. The love of literature pushes us to read more.

Rory says it in her high school graduation. “I live in two worlds; one is a world of books.” Rory’s and Jess’s avid literacy push us to read more. Okay, maybe that doesn’t apply to me because I’m already a bookworm. Still, the constant reference to a variety of books introduces literature that viewers may not have been familiar with. I am excited to read The Manticore and Girl, Interrupted–two novels that I discovered from the show. 339 books are mentioned in the series. It would be easy to find something new to read.

  1. It is comforting to know that others have dysfunctional families with problems.

Gilmore Girls is a show about complicated and dysfunctional family dynamics. Emily, Richard, Lorelai, and Rory work through many emotions, life events, and interactions. Sometimes characters are close; other times, they can’t stand to speak. It’s real. It’s life. The show is comforting to those of us with complicated family relationships because it reminds us that we aren’t alone.

  1. Gilmore Girls is down to Earth and slice-of-life formatted.

The way that this show is formatted is a slice-of-life. While some shows are centered on action, drama, and shock-factor, Gilmore Girls focuses on the seemingly mundane. The show’s relatability relies on the appreciation of a cup of coffee, a conversation with a friend, or the reality of a complicated family. It helps you find joy in the simple things.

  1. The characters are witty.

Whether it is Lorelai, Babette, or Max, the characters talk a mile-a-minute and are extremely witty. If you want quippy humor, this show is perfect for you. Most Stars Hollows characters are hilarious. The only thing to remember is that this show ran during the early noughties, so some of the jokes are antiquated. Some of the jokes were acceptable in 2002, but not now. Also, there are jokes which reference no-longer-relevant pop culture.

  1. You get to see two women (plus Michel) succeed in starting and running a business.

Lorelai and Sookie make our feminist hearts sing. They work for years to open their own inn. They spend hours with designers, overseeing construction, and working tirelessly. These two, plus Michel, get everything up and running, and they do well growing the business into a crucial part of the Stars Hollow economy.

  1. Luke’s Diner doesn’t allow cell phones, and it reminds us of the simplicity of enjoying low-tech moments.

In today’s world, it is rare to find ourselves without a phone in our hands. There are benefits to being so connected. We have a ton of knowledge at the tip of our fingers. We can easily navigate unfamiliar environments without stopping to look at maps. Still, we sometimes forget as a society how to enjoy low-tech periods of time. Luke helps remind us how to do so. In his diner, he enforces a “no cell phones” policy, and we get to see the simplicity of personal interactions.

  1. It reminds us that we don’t need a relationship to be happy.

You don’t NEED a relationship to be happy. [Spoiler alert] Throughout the series, Rory, Lorelai, and Paris date a variety of people. Some stick; some don’t. All 3 of the characters came to some sort of happiness outside of a relationship though. Lorelai has the Dragonfly Inn. Paris is accepted into med school. Both end the series with somebody, but they are self-sufficient. It is a choice, not a necessity. Rory also finds this revelation. She has her own path that is wide open. She realizes this, and she turns down Logan’s proposal in order to cherish her independence and unplanned future. For all the pressure that society puts on women’s relationships, it is refreshing to find a show where women are strong, happy, and fulfilled outside their partnerships. 

  1. We are reminded of education’s value.

Whether it is Lorelai going to community college for business school, Rory’s pursuit of the Ivy Leagues, or Jess reading every book he gets his hands on, this show emphasizes the importance of education at every level. There isn’t ever a degradation (by most characters) of less prestigious schooling. There is a very clear message that education matters, no matter what kind. Gilmore Girls encourages viewers to be lifelong learners.

  1. Stars Hollow is a home away from home.

Some people need solace from the hard parts of their daily lives. For many Gilmore Girls fans, Stars Hollow is home. The welcoming, heartwarming characters embrace others as their own, and they extend this feeling to the viewers. It is almost as if they are speaking directly to us. Every time you turn on an episode, you are absorbed back into a world that will always want you around.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Gilmore Girls has always been a significant show in my life, and I know you’ll love it too. Feel free to like and share with your other pop culture-loving friends. You can set up an online watch party and have a friend-date during this COVID, social-distanced time. Now, go get yourself some coffee, coffee, coffee!

7 comments on “12 Reasons Gilmore Girls Is The Show You Need To Watch

  1. Kara says:

    This show has been on my “To Watch” list for so long. Your post makes me want to watch it even more now 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We highly recommend! We love Gilmore Girls!


    2. Dani Kessel says:

      I am so glad it makes you want to watch it! Gilmore Girls is one of both Sam and I’s all time favorites. I watched it when it first aired and have probably watched it some 50 or 60 times since then. It’s my go-to feel good show!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’ not one of the ones you’ll need to convince, i’ve seen this show countless times! Nice to know there’s a fellow fangirl around, haha!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We Love Gilmore Girls!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Dani Kessel says:

      Sam and I both adore Gilmore Girls! It’s one that I often have running in the background while I am working/writing.

      Liked by 2 people

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