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By: Dani Kessel

I take extremely good care of my hair. Because of its thick, coarse, curly texture, I use products with more coconut oils, shea butter, and deep conditioning. I try to keep everything paraben and silicone-free. My flatiron is one of the highest quality appliances I own. I use leave-in conditioners to keep hydrated. Hair products are one of the few things that I’m willing to spend more money on if need be. 

But, beauty products come in a wide range of prices, and they are sometimes difficult to compare. Is the cheaper one really going to moisturize? Which one will have a longer effect? What’s going to make my hair look healthier? It’s stressful trying to find the perfect hair mask, and some stores try to sell the most expensive products as the best for your hair. So, I put it to the test. I tried hair masks from 3 different price points to see which is the most effective. 

Here are my results to help you with deciding on your next hair mask purchase:

(Please keep in mind that not all hair products are appropriate for or will have the same effects on all hair types. This comparison is based on my described hair texture.)

$1 hair mask: Bolero Beverly Hills Micro Algae and Ginseng Hair Mask

6.5 oz

Rating: 4 out of 5

Intended purpose and success:

  • Detoxifying ✔
  • Softening ✔
  • Smoothing ✔
  • Boosting radiance ✘


  • Very light on the hair
  • Makes hair softer
  • Decreases frizziness
  • No scalp itchiness


  • Smells like aloe vera
  • Doesn’t change hair hydration
  • Doesn’t have a large visual difference on hair

Longevity: 3 days

For a Dollar Tree purchase, the mask quality is really high. There was a solid improvement of hair quality, just not in all the ways advertised. With a low price, it is worth trying when money is really tight.

. . . 

$15 Hair Mask: Eva.NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

16.9 oz

Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Intended purpose and success:

  • Deep Conditioning ✔
  • Hydrating ✔
  • Smoothing ✔
  • Shining ✔


  • Smells like vanilla
  • Boosts curls and waves
  • Softens hair
  • Visually healthier
  • Shiny hair quality without looking greasy
  • Extreme hydration
  • Withstood sweating


  • Only minimal frizziness decrease

Longevity: 4-5 days

This hair mask made my hair feel so amazing. It wasn’t too heavy. It smelled great. Unlike other hair masks, it defined my hair texture instead of flattening it. I got many compliments on how healthy my hair looked. My only complaint is that it didn’t decrease frizziness as much as I would have liked. Other than that, it is a perfect fit for my needs.

. . .

$26 Hair Mask: Klorane Mask with Mango Butter

5 oz

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Intended purpose and success:

  • Nourishing ✔
  • Moisturizing ✘
  • Softening ✘
  • Detangling ✔


  • Smells good
  • Smooths hair
  • Decreases frizziness


  • Does not moisturize
  • Flattens hair
  • Heavy
  • Greasy feeling

Longevity: 2-2.5 days

I was disappointed by this hair mask. It fell flat (pun intended). For this price point, I would’ve expected something much more moisturizing and long-lasting. I also would’ve expected something bigger. It isn’t the worst hair mask I have ever used; however, it’s lackluster.

. . .

My big takeaway from this experiment is that price isn’t indicative of product quality. The $15 Eva.NYC hair mask was by far the best of the three; however, the Dollar Tree hair mask was pretty impressive too. If you’re in a pinch for money, it’s a viable option to take care of your hair. Plus, they have different versions of the Bolero Beverly Hills masks that may be more hydrating. But the most expensive, the Klorane Mask with Mango Butter, isn’t worth the purchase. It wasn’t terrible, but it surely isn’t worth $26. 

I hope this helped you discern between some major options. Going forward, I recommend researching the ingredients and learning which work best with your hair texture, thickness, and your scalp sensitivity. And, let us know if you liked this article. What other products would you like compared in the future? Tell us in the comments!

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