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By: Dani Kessel

Life gets chaotic, and we don’t always take the time we need to work on or connect with ourselves. It’s time to slow down. Self-reflection is an important aspect of personal growth. When we non-judgmentally observe our thoughts, emotions, and experiences, we can better understand who we are and what path we want to go down. Incorporating mindfulness and reflection into your daily routine can enhance your self-esteem and boost your desire to become the best version of yourself.

To help you in your journey, here are 30 prompts for self-reflection:

  1. Who are you?
  1. What did you succeed in today?
  1. Are you happy? If not, what can you do to change that?
  1. How do you advocate for yourself?
  1. When do you feel safe?
  1. What positive beliefs do you have about yourself?
  1. What motivates your self-growth?
  1. Describe a time that you felt strong.
  1. What inspires you?
  1. How do you recharge?
  1. When did you last go outside your comfort zone?
  1. Which element do you feel most connected to and why?
  1. Name 3 people who helped you get to where you are right now.
  1. How would you like to change in the next year?
  1. With whom can you be your most authentic self?
  1. When did you last feel at peace?
  1. What self-soothing practices do you partake in?
  1. How would you like to be remembered after your death?
  1. When is one time you failed, and how did you learn from it?
  1. What makes you unique?
  1. What is your own personal definition of family?
  1. How could you better spend your alone time?
  1. Will you change your profession? Why or why not?
  1. Describe the bravest thing you’ve ever done.
  1. How do you hold yourself back?
  1. In what way do you measure success?
  1. Do you believe in fate or free will?
  1. Where do you feel most at home?
  1. Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?
  1. How do you express your appreciation to others?

I hope these prompts allow you to explore your inner psyche. You can write responses to them in a journal or even just take a few minutes to go through it in your mind. Either way, just make time and space to engage in mindful, self-care actions. You, and your needs, matter.

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