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By: Dani Kessel

Now that it’s November, we can start discussing the holidays, right? 

Christmas. Kwanza. Hanukkah. Yule. So many holidays; so little time! This year will be a little different though. With the pandemic raging on, people may not have as much time or money to put into gifts. We may not be able to see each other in-person as easily. Celebrations are bound to be unlike previous years. This doesn’t mean we have to forgo gifts altogether though. There are inexpensive or free gifts we can offer that will still express thoughtfulness, love, and caring.

Here are 40 gifts for a budget-conscious holiday season:

  1. A mug with tea bags or coffee beans
  2. A bottle of bubble bath
  3. Homemade, fun-shaped crayons (here’s a how-to!)
  4. A personalized scrabble tile ornament 
  5. A budget cookbook (with people cooking at home during quarantine, this might be a handy gift for many people)
  6. A winter hat
  7. Marbled coasters from IKNITIATIVES
  8. A comic book (support your local comic book stores)
  9. A handwritten letter listing the reasons you love them
  10. The Makeup Eraser (Sam swears by this product)
  11. A drawing in a picture frame
  12. A personalized wine glass
  13. Aromatherapy dough from The Squeeze
  14. Sugar body scrub (It is extremely cheap and easy to make!)
  15. A reusable straw kit
  16. Dash mini waffle iron
  17. Pillowcases
  18. A handmade, adjustable, reversible face mask from Needle, Ink, and Thread (Yes, this is my cousin’s shop. I’m not recommending it because she is related to me though. I am recommending it because she’s is really good at sewing/the masks are high quality.)
  19. A candle
  20. Whiskey stones
  21. A scarf you knitted
  22. A vegetable spiralizer
  23. Pancake mix 
  24. TriceraTaco holders
  25. Local honey
  26. What We Keep by Bill Shapiro
  27. A French press coffee maker (there are quality ones for $10-$15)
  28. A personalized and engraved compass
  29. A photobook
  30. Handmade soaps (I recommend Soap Distillery or Black Dragon Ventures)
  31. World Market capiz-shell lotus votives
  32. A dual booklight and bookmark
  33. A stamped rose bracelet
  34. 100 First Words for Little Geeks
  35. A wallet
  36. A personalized calendar
  37. Nice hair clips from Loctia Hair Clips
  38. A pocket knife
  39. A wine bottle opener
  40. A teddy bear

I hope this list helped you come up with ideas that will fit into your budget. As we all push through this trying time, we’ve got to lend ourselves the grace and compassion we would give any of our loved ones. We’re in the middle of a recession and a global pandemic. Remember that it’s the thought that matters much more than any monetary value. Also, don’t dismiss the value of DIY presents and crafts. Handmade presents take time and are filled with love. 

Are you going to be making any gifts at home this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

3 comments on “40 Inexpensive Gifts For A Budget-Conscious Holiday Season

  1. These are some really good ideas! I really liked the scribble tile ornament, Etsy honestly has some incredible finds!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dani Kessel says:

      The Scrabble tile ornaments are my favorite! I am thinking of buying ones for my kiddos this year.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Dani Kessel says:

    I just now learned that Kwanzaa actually has 2 “a”s at the end. I apologize for spelling it wrong!

    Liked by 1 person

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