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Hey guys! Welcome back. As an introvert I find that I need a lot of time alone, but I know not everyone is the same. And I know that even as an introvert I don’t like to be alone all the time. However, I do know there are many benefits to time spent alone and I wanted to talk about some of those today. Time spent alone can help in more ways that many of us realize and even though it can be challenging at times to find that time, I wanted to share some reasons you should make the time when you can and hopefully inspire you to make it happen as often as you can.

1. It gives you an opportunity to do what you want.

I think one of the most obvious reasons that time spent alone is a good idea is that during that time you can spend it doing what you want. Whether it’s something that you want to do just for fun, something you need to do but otherwise don’t have time to do, or just simply relax by yourself for a bit, having that time that you have complete control over is never a bad thing. There is no one else holding you back or anyone else that you have to take care. This time is just for and there are so many things you can do with this time if you give yourself the opportunity to have it.

2. It helps ease stress.

When it comes to stress I feel like a lot of it comes from carrying the stress and worries of other people. Especially if you are someone that people lean on a lot. So when it comes to easing stress and relieving pressure, a really great way to do so is to have that time to yourself to decompress and relax. With busy lives and long lists of things to do, having stress is something none of us are immune to. I don’t mean you have to sit by yourself and do nothing, but find things that help you relax and calm your mind. I promise you will see the benefits.

3. It gives you time to recharge.

This is very similar to relieving and easing stress, but especially as an introvert I know I need time to recharge. Life can be crazy at times, so having that time where you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything will help you recharge and refocus. I like having this time towards the middle of the day around lunch time because after hours of talking to other people I need some time to regroup before getting back into it. It helps me not get burned out as much and gives me a bit more energy before I move forward into the day.

4. It helps remove distractions.

It’s no secret that having a lot of people around when you are trying to get things done can be a major distraction. So when it comes to being productive and getting things done that you need to get done, having this alone time can be a major help. So if you are looking for some help being productive or you have things that you really need to get done, I highly recommend setting aside some time that you can be alone and have that time to really focus and get a lot of what you need to get finished accomplished. It’s surprising how much you can get done when you minimize distractions.

5. It helps with making decisions.

This is a bit of an odd one because it seems a little random, but it’s actually a really big one. When it comes to making a decision, it can be really easy at times to be swayed or influenced by the decisions and thoughts of other people. So if you have a big or important decision to make, setting some time aside to be alone and think about what you want and need and really think about what you have in front of you, having that time to clear your head and focus on how you feel and what you are thinking, it can be really helpful and help you make a better decision.

Those are some of the benefits of having alone time and how it can help you! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Do you know of any other benefits of having alone time and how it helps you? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you because I know that having alone time has different reasons for loving that alone time and we all take something different away from it. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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