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By: Dani Kessel

Though I enjoy my job as a writer, my true passion is and always has been music and acting. Once upon a time, before my work accident, I fully planned on moving to New York City and pursuing Broadway as a career. Sadly, that was derailed by my years of medical issues, my permanent disability, and now the COVID pandemic. But that spark in my eyes and love in my heart has never waivered.

Anyone who has read all my previous articles knows this about me. What you don’t know is that I have a small YouTube channel called Dani O. Sings. (Yes, my byline is different than my stage name.) I’ve been running it for years, even back before I was all that skilled. From the first video to the most recent ones, my voice has grown and matured. My skills have developed, and I’m still working hard on different vocal techniques. It might be painful to watch some of the older videos, but it’s pretty cool to see the change over time.

Anyway, now that you know the existence of my YouTube channel, I want to share my exciting news! I started a new series called Musical Monday. Every Monday (unless I am sick), I post a video of me performing a song from a musical. I’m open to movie musicals, smaller/lesser-known musicals, or Broadway musicals. Old or new. I’m open to most any options. So far, I’ve done songs from Heathers: The Musical, Man of La Mancha, Next to Normal, and Be More Chill. I have such a long list of songs I’m practicing and prepping for recording. I’m so pumped! Plus, I’m always open to song requests/recommendations.

I have so many plans for this series. I’m excited to see what it grows into. This is such a fun journey I’m on, and I appreciate any positivity you can lend. This series will allow me to keep ties to the acting and Broadway world which I love, even if getting there will be an uphill battle.

If you love musicals, song performances, or if you just want to support me, I hope you’ll consider checking out the videos and subscribing to my channel:

Dani O. Sings’s Musical Mondays Playlist

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my exciting announcement. This is a significant step in moving past my traumatic accident. Do you have any song requests for me? Please, drop them in the comments! If you enjoyed my article or just want to send me some warm fuzzies, please like this article. And, as always, please make sure you’re following Girl On The Go for new content on a nearly daily basis.

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