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By: Dani Kessel

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic right now. While I am not against change, there are some things that I really miss. (I might have a touch of rose colored glasses, though I don’t think these things are innately better just because they were from my childhood.) If you’re younger, you might recognize some of these things. If you are Gen X or older, you’ll remember them from the perspective of an adult. But for Millennials, here are 55 good, bad, and hilarious elements of nostalgia to look back on.

  1. Ask Jeeves
  2. Zynga
  3. Dogpile search engine
  4. Crystal Pepsi
  5. Using a pencil to fix a VHS
  6. Blockbuster nights!
  7. Mapquesting everything before a road trip
  8. Chuck Norris jokes. ALL. THE. TIME. And they weren’t even that funny!
  9. Clippy, the Microsoft Office assistant
  10. Discmans and walkmans
  11. Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld, and the original run of Full House
  12. Cootie catchers
  13. Fun “away” messages on AIM and MSN Messenger
  14. DollzMania
  15. Neopets
  16. The Y2K scare (scary at the time–HILARIOUS now)
  17. Dying of dysentery in the Oregan Trail game
  18.  Coolmath
  19. The Game (you just lost)
  20. Tamogatchis
  21. Typing class
  22. The red ring of death on the XBOX 360
  23. Slap bracelets and pogs
  24. Hot Topic back when it was super gothic and niche
  25. The sarcastic bunny stickers
  26. Bedazzlers
  27. Parachute day in gym class
  28. Stamp cards in library books
  29. The “indestructible” Nokia 3310
  30. Taking film to get your photos developed
  31. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers
  32. Heelys
  33. Trying to burn the best CD mix with Napster or Limewire
  34. Minesweeper
  35. Folding notes into tiny triangles to pass them during class
  36. Pagers
  37. Soda cap lottery
  38. Carrying around an address book and memorizing phone numbers 
  39. Making PowerPoints just for fun
  40. Making a slinky walk down every flight of stairs.
  41. Collecting Beanie Babies
  42. Dreaming of being on Legends of the Hidden Temple or Double Dare
  43. Being asked A/S/L by creepy people on chat boards
  44. “It’s morphin’ time!”
  45. Getting a computer in your house for the very first time
  46. Popcorn shirts
  47. Putting the stick-on earrings on the corners of our eyes
  48. Reading R.L. Stein books and Are You Afraid of the Dark? even if they gave you nightmares 
  49. Kid Pix!
  50. Looking in the newspaper to find out what movies are showing
  51. Reading Zoobooks
  52. 10 color retractable pens
  53. Feeling like a pro artist with an etch-a-sketch
  54. Bop It
  55. Going to a birthday party at laser tag

I hope this article gave you a good chuckle and brought back memories for all you Millennials out there. Yeah. Your Neopets are all starving. Jeeves is retired. And there is only one Blockbuster left in existence! Can you believe it has been 30 years since the 90s and Nirvana is now considered classic rock? It’s so strange.

What was your favorite Millennial childhood memory? Drop it in the comments below!

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