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By: Dani Kessel

In my weekly articles, I typically write at least one advice article. Well, this week, instead of providing you with advice on anything beauty or style-related, I’m requesting advice from you, readers!

I’ve been trying to transition from liquid shampoo and conditioners to bar shampoo and conditioners. 

While looking into the possibility of this switch, I discovered they often don’t contain toxic chemicals that can contaminate the water or hurt animals. Bar shampoos and conditioners hugely cut down on plastic use. There’s a smaller carbon footprint on these products in creation, sales, and shipping. The boxes they come in are typically cardboard and recyclable. Many companies or small-businesses that make these products also refuse to test on animals. Overall, it seems extremely environmentally conscious and friendly.

Additionally, shampoo and conditioner bars tend to last longer since less is needed to reach the same level of clean hair. They cost about the equivalent of liquid shampoo, so money isn’t an issue. (Even if the ones meant for my hair type cost a little more, it’d still be worth the benefits.) The bars are lightweight and small, so I don’t have to worry about muscle fatigue. And, once travel is allowed again post-COVID, they’re good for traveling via plane or traveling with a small suitcase.

Here is where my struggle comes in:

When I looked into my options, I kept coming across bar shampoos described as being for “all hair types.” Anyone with thick, curly, coarse hair like mine knows that those products aren’t really suited for all hair types. They’re appropriate for thin, straight, lightweight, or thin hair. Even when I was buying liquid shampoo and conditioner, I had to purchase items meant for textured hair. 

Eventually, I bought the Love Beauty and Planet shampoo bar just so I could try it out. I gave it a fair shot the other day. While it smelled fantastic and did make my hair feel clean, it didn’t lather well in my hands or on my hair. Aesthetically and tactilely, it was nice. It was hard to get into my textured hair though. I had to use a ridiculous amount of conditioner because the shampoo tangled my hair more. Detangling it HURT. Overall, the shampoo bar seemed like it would have been good for a different hair type, but it didn’t suit me.

I keep looking online and on Etsy. I’ve even messaged some sellers. I can’t find shampoo bars specifically catered to thick, curly, coarse, textured hair! I don’t know which ones hold up. So, if you’re a beauty guru or know a lot about hair, I’m sending up the bat-signal.

What I’m looking for:

  • Ideally, I would like a shampoo bar with coconut oil or argan oil. 
  • I can’t do tea tree oil. 
  • No parabens, sulfates, or polyethylene glycol
  • Moisturizing
  • Meant for textured hair

If you happen to have the same or similar hair type as I’ve described, and you know of any good shampoo bars, please drop the brand name or a link in the description section. If you, yourself, own a small business with shampoo bars catered towards a variety of hair types, tell me that too. I’m desperate and am willing to try just about anything that is targeted at folks with my hair description. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and sharing any knowledge you have!

One comment on “Advice Needed: Bar Shampoo

  1. I recently tried the brand Gruum ( their bar shampoos are great! You can choose a shampoo which is suited to your hair type, damaged, dry, coloured etc and it lathers really well! I would really recommend them, worth the money!

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