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Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are having a great week so far. As many of you know I have really been getting more into cooking these past few months and it has been so fun for me. I have loved trying new things and really exploring different recipes and ideas. So today I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things I would like to try making in the future and if you have any recipes you can leave them in the comments! So here are some of the meals and things I would like to try in the next few months!

Teriyaki Chicken And Rice

I’m a big fan of anything that has chicken and rice and I do love the Teriyaki on occasion. So this is something that as basic as it sounds, I would really like to try making at some point. I think it’s a great dish that can be made all in one dish and can be a good meal for anyone. It’s also something that seems like it wouldn’t take too many ingredients and probably wouldn’t take a super long time to make either.

Chicken Pot Pie

Who doesn’t love a good pot pie? It’s like the ultimate comfort food! So obviously this is something that I would love to make, especially during the colder months. I know there are many different ways to make this dish and honestly I’m open to trying any and all of them to find the perfect recipe. This is one thing I would love to know how to make to absolute perfection because it’s just such a classic and a staple.

Chili Cheese Dog Biscuit Cups

This one I actually have a recipe for. I saw it on Pinterest and I think it would actually be really fun to make and super easy. It’s also a really fun twist on something I already love. So I am really hoping that I can make this one really soon since I have a recipe and it really doesn’t take that much time or that many ingredients. I am looking forward to trying this one and sharing what I think of it with you guys after I try it.

Fajita Pasta

I’m not really a big fan of many Mexican dishes, but there are some things that catch my eye and I really want to try them. This is one of those. A few months ago I saw someone make a Fajita Pasta dish and ever since then I have wanted to try it. I will probably have to search for the recipe, but I really want to try to make this at some point. It looked really good and seems like something I could do.

Deep Dish Pizza

Not just like a thick crust pizza, but like a real deep dish pizza. Almost like a casserole of sorts. It’s something that I think would be really fun and would turn pizza night into an even better night. This is something that is really just for fun, but something I really think I could enjoy. Also it’s something that seems really simple, but will also turn out really amazing if it’s done right. So I’m really excited for this one.

Parmesan Pork Chops

I really like pork chops and I think having a Parmesan crust on them and sticking them in the oven would be really good. Pork chops are not really something I mess with at all because it’s not really in my wheel-house, but I really want to at least try once. I really just want a recipe that isn’t too difficult, but still tastes really great. Not sure if it’s possible, but if you have any recipes let me know because I really want to try.

White Chicken Chili

Chili is one of my favorite foods, especially when it’s cold outside, but I have actually never had white chicken chili. And I really want to try it. I love traditional chili and will probably make that at some point as well, but as you can probably tell, I really love chicken. So this is just one of those things that I want to try and while there is a chance I might not love it I still want to at least try it because it seems right up my ally.

And those are some of the big things that I want to try making in the near future! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let me know in the comments if you have any recipes for any of these and anything that you are looking forward to trying in the next few months. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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  1. Pot pie is delicious. It is great during the cold months.

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