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Hey guys! Welcome back. I really hope you are enjoying Blogmas so far. I have been having so much fun with all the different content and sharing new things with you guys. Today I thought I would go back to the basics though and do a little gift guide for you guys. I have a ton of really great gift ideas for all the people in your life. And the price range is pretty broad, so you are likely to find a gift idea no matter what your budget is. So let’s get started!

Essential Oil Diffuser.

Essential oil diffusers have become extremely popular over the past couple of years, and rightfully so. Essential oils not only smell good, but they also have a ton of different benefits depending on which ones you use. So if you know someone who has been wanting a diffuser or is looking to add something new to their home, a diffuser with a set of some essential oils could be a good way to go. There are so many different options with this gift.

A Sweatshirt.

Who doesn’t need another sweatshirt? Well, maybe they don’t need one, but they probably wouldn’t mind adding another one to their collection. This is another great item that you can personalize and make specifically for the person you are giving it to. Or there are a ton of other great sweatshirts that are already made. You can get one for their favorite sport, favorite TV show, or just about anything else.

Makeup Eraser.

This is for the person in your life that wears makeup and needs a great product to remove it. Gone are the days when they have to buy makeup wipes or makeup remover. All they need is this Makeup Eraser and some water and their makeup will come right off. They sell these on Amazon and I’m telling you this is one of the best gifts you can give this Holiday Season. It’s practical and will save so much time and money.

Skin Care Set.

Skin care is so important, especially this time of year. And everyone needs a good skin care routine. So if you know someone who is trying to dabble into some new products, needs to get on a skin care regimen, or just really loves skin care, this is a great gift for virtually everyone. You really can’t go wrong with getting skin care. Just make sure you know their skin type and if they might be sensitive to any products.


I think candles make a great gift. I have started growing my own candle collection this past month and I love them. And candles are something that everyone can enjoy. With so many different options and places to buy candles, the possibilities are endless. And it’s something that you can play around with and get scents that you know they will enjoy. Or you can get them some new scents to try.

Throw Blankets.

You just can’t have too many throw blankets. I don’t care what anyone says. You just need a good collection of throw blankets if you like being cozy and warm. There are so many great throw blankets. Some are super affordable and some come on the higher side in terms of price. But no matter what, a throw blanket is a great gift to get for anyone and this is another great gift that you could personalize if you wanted to.

Personalized Mug.

You could just go with a regular mug and that also makes a great gift, but mugs are one of my favorite gifts to personalize. There are so many different options not only in what you put on the mug, but also in shape, size, color, and so much more. Mugs are great things to have and really fun to collect (until you have to move), and personalizing mugs makes it even better. A mug is a really fun way to go.

Movie Night Kit.

Do you know someone who loves movies and having movie nights? If so, building them a movie night kit is a great way to go. You could fill it with their favorite popcorn, candy, and drinks and also some other fun things to make the night even better. From a nice blanket to some cozy socks, this gift will have them all ready to go next time they want to have a movie night. This is also a fun gift to create.

Paint By Numbers.

This is for the artsy person in your life or someone who just really loves being creative. There are a ton of different options from styles to designs. I love paint by numbers. I get mine from Amazon and I absolutely love them. You can go with something easy or something on the more challenging side. Regardless, the person you gift this to is really likely to love it, especially if they like painting.

Tabletop Air Hockey.

I saw this at Walmart and I think it’s the cutest thing. It’s a little air hockey table that you can set up wherever and play air hockey. This would fun for pretty much anyone that like playing games. And the best part is it’s pretty affordable. I thought this looked like a lot of fun and I think this is a really great gift idea for anyone in your life that likes to have fun. It’s something they probably don’t already have.

Reusable Straws.

If you know of someone who loves drinking from straws and goes through them like crazy, reusable straws would be an excellent gift. Not only are they practical, but they are also really good for the environment. There are so many different sets and they even have silicone straws if the person you are gifting the straws to isn’t really into metal straws. There are so many colors and varieties out there to choose from..

Charging Stand.

This is for the tech savvy person in your life. If they have a phone, wireless ear buds, and a watch, they need a place to charge it all. So what better gift than a charging station? They are so practical and can really help keep things all in one place. It’s a great home for all of their devices and makes keeping everything charged and ready to go. If you have someone who has been looking for something like this, this would make a great gift!

2021 Planner.

I know having a planner may seem a bit far-fetched now because 2020 definitely did not go as any of us really planned, but I like to think of the new year as a new beginning. And now that we know things don’t always go as planned, it helps us plan the important things and really prioritize what we want to work on and work towards. So I still thinking a really nice planner is still a really great gift.

Personalized Key Chain.

This is another great gift to personalize. There really are so many options out there and so many different styles of key chains. This is a great gift for literally anyone because everyone has keys and needs somewhere to keep them all in one place. And no matter who you are getting this gift for there is always a style that will suit them well and something you can put on it to personalize that they will love.

Wall Art.

Do you know someone who has recently moved? Or do you know of someone who really likes art? Or maybe you just see something that you know someone would really like? Wall art is a great gift because no one likes blank and empty walls. There are so many different ideas out there and this is something that you could personalize or even make yourself if you are feeling creative and crafty.


This is a great gift idea for anyone whether they are brand new to the kitchen or a seasoned chef. Everyone could use some fresh ideas going into a new year and a cookbook will hopefully give some new recipe ideas. And no matter what they like to cook and what kinds of foods they enjoy the most, I promise there is most definitely a cookbook out there for them. This is a great way to go.

Bluetooth Speaker.

From someone who is always having gatherings to someone who really likes to listen to music in the shower, having a Bluetooth speaker is always a fun way to go. A waterproof shower speaker would also be really fun. There are so many great options out there that you are bound to find one perfect for the person you are gifting it to. A Bluetooth speaker is a must have for pretty much everyone.

Spice Rack.

If you know someone who loves cooking and baking and just spending time in the kitchen in general, chances are, they probably have a ton of different spices. So if you notice that they might need something to help them organize them and keep up with all of them, a spice rack might be just the thing they need. And there are so many fun options that will fit right into their lives no matter what kind of kitchen they have.

Instant Pot.

This is a big gift, but a great one regardless. This is something that I really want and I think everyone could use. The Instant Pot is on the rise and rightfully so. I have seen so many people buy, use, and absolutely fall in love with their Instant Pot and I just think this would be a great gift for anyone who loves cooking and really wants to try new things. It’s also great for someone who is always busy, but still wants nice meals.

Gift Cards.

And if after all of these ideas, you still don’t know what to get someone in your life I think everyone loves gift cards. You can get them a gift card to their favorite store, their favorite restaurant, or just a basic Visa gift card so they can go out and get whatever they want. You really can’t go wrong with a gift card no matter who you are buying gifts for. It’s not the most unique, but it’s still wildly appreciated.

And that is the ultimate Christmas gift guide for your loved ones! There are a ton of really great gifts here. Hopefully you get some new ideas. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Let us know what from this list you would give someone and which one you would want to get. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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One comment on “Blogmas Day #13: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Loved Ones

  1. Janis says:

    Nice list. I wouldn’t mind receiving any of these…
    But I especially like the planner. It’s something I always want to buy, every year but never do. So if I am gifted with one, it’s destiny!

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