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By: Dani Kessel

These days, most people I know are overly stressed, lonely, and struggling. We all need more kindness in our daily life. It’s amazing the impact we can have on others when we just take a moment to do something nice for another person. And, unlike what some think, kindness can be extremely inexpensive or completely free.

Here is a list of 56 small acts of kindness you can incorporate into your daily life:

  1. Be Patient with retail employees.
  2. Try not to interrupt others.
  3. Hold your hand up to thank others for letting you into the driving lane.
  4. Stay 6 feet apart right now. (You don’t want to unknowingly pass COVID along.)
  5. Write a thank you note.
  6. Genuinely compliment others about things they’ve chosen (hairstyle, clothes, jewelry) without any ulterior motives.
  7. Let someone with only one or two items go ahead of you if you have a cart-full of items at the store.
  8. Donate unused and unwanted clothing.
  9. Put your spare change in a parking meter.
  10. Let someone cry or vent to you.
  11. Apologize when you behave poorly but only if you mean it.
  12. Plant seeds in a community garden.
  13. Write an email to someone you care about just to check-in on them.
  14. Forgive yourself and try to do better.
  15. Give old blankets to an animal shelter.
  16. Shovel a neighbor’s walkway.
  17. Leave a positive review online.
  18. Handwrite a letter.
  19. Make your partner/s breakfast in bed.
  20. Include the quiet person in the conversation.
  21. Say thank you to a nurse.
  22. Support small businesses whenever possible instead of corporate chains.
  23. Learn CPR.
  24. Help a friend move.
  25. Compliment a parent on their child’s good behavior.
  26. Comment positively on a small content creator’s article/video/podcast/art.
  27. Make a playlist for someone going through a hard time.
  28. Create a scrapbook or photo album for a family member.
  29. Join the organ donor registry if you are able.
  30. Think before you speak.
  31. Paint rocks and put them near the sidewalk.
  32. Put pennies heads up where someone will find the lucky pennies. (Sanitize it first.)
  33. Offer someone the benefit of the doubt.
  34. Become a penpal.
  35. Understand that everyone has bad days.
  36. Put a positive sticky note in a public place.
  37. Donate blood and bone marrow if possible.
  38. Be intentional about making plans with friends.
  39. Don’t litter!
  40. Wear your mask over your nose.
  41. Donate directly to charities.
  42. Give to a food pantry. (Most accept recently expired canned goods.)
  43. Gift handmade and heartfelt items.
  44. Lend someone an umbrella.
  45. Thank a veteran or active duty person for their service.
  46. Turn in lost items.
  47. Hang a bird feeder.
  48. Ask before you pet someone’s animal.
  49. Send friends funny videos, cute memes, and/or dad jokes.
  50. Thank someone who supported you in your life.
  51. Read a nonfiction book on someone from a different background than you and push through any discomfort.
  52. Leave a note in your mailbox thanking your mail carrier for their hard work.
  53. Help clean up someone else’s mess.
  54. Take your dog for an extra walk.
  55. Recommend something you love to a person who you think would also enjoy it.
  56. Thank a teacher.

I hope you’ll free up a few minutes in your day to offer kindness to someone. If we all work together, we can make the world a better place to be. Though I don’t think kindness will fix everything wrong with our society, it’s a really great place to start.
Thanks for taking the time to read this article. What random act of kindness have you done recently? What random act of kindness has been done for you? Take a second to share your stories in the comments section. And, if you enjoy this content, subscribe to Girl on the Go before you leave.

3 comments on “56 Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

  1. This is such an awesome post! I love the ideas!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dani Kessel says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I figured we all could use a little positivity, and random acts of kindness are a good way to do it!

      Liked by 2 people

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