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Four Things Dani Does To Stay Organized As A Writer

By: Dani Kessel

As a writer, my job has a lot of duties. I have general deadlines, but it’s my responsibility to choose topics, create my writing schedule, plan for research, keep up to date on current events and article requests, and–of course–write articles. In order to keep up with my job, I must stay highly organized. People have asked me how I do it.

If you are trying to get organized for your writing job or just want a glimpse into my process, here are 4 things I do to stay organized as a writer:

  1. My private Pinterest writing board

Content creation is difficult because I am constantly tasked with developing article ideas and single-handedly researching, writing, and fact checking everything. To make things easier for myself, I made a private board on Pinterest. About once a week, I comb through Pinterest search results to find possible article topics. I pin anything helpful. I also added the Pinterest extension and button to my browser. Any time I am researching a complex article, I’ll pin the websites I’m using for sources; this makes it so I am not regularly flipping between 10ish different tabs. I cannot emphasize how much my Pinterest board has helped me stay organized. It’s probably the best choice I’ve made for my productivity.

  1. Checking my email two to three times a day

My email is a beacon of contact when it comes to my job. I get notifications of message requests (the primary way I receive article topic suggestions from readers). It’s a way I’m notified of comments on my articles. It’s a way I interact with friends, family, and my boss. (It certainly isn’t my only point of contact though.) While I am working though, I need to focus on my writing. To ensure I am up-to-date but not distracted, I check my email approximately three times a day–once an hour into work, once an hour before I finish work, and sometimes during my dinner break.

  1. My work notebook

I write frequently. I have my journal, songwriting, mental health work, fiction stories, and–of course–my articles. Because I juggle all of these, I have learned to keep a notebook specifically for work. If I decide I need to journal to clear my head in order to do better work, I put away my work notebook and pull out other paper on which to write. If I’m songwriting later in the week and I come up with an article idea, I’ll pull out my work notebook. This may take extra time, but it is unbelievably helpful. I know that the minute I open my work notebook, I’m mentally shifting into a different headspace. I’m focused. I’m thinking about my writing techniques, punctuation, word choice, etc. My whole structure of thought changes.

  1. Google Drive folders

I use Google Drive to write and submit articles for work. I have a very structured system of folders. One folder holds vague ideas that need to be fleshed out before they can be produced. Another folder contains works-in-progress and articles that haven’t been submitted yet. A third folder is submitted articles that haven’t gone up online. Lastly, the fourth folder has articles that’ve been published. As I work through each piece, they shift from folder to folder until they reach the last one. My organizational system helps me keep track of everything. I’m easily able to compile my to-to list when I look in the folders. I can prioritize based on where a document is located. 

These 4 tools all assist me in completing work assignments and staying on task. I set them all up in a way that functions best for my brain. I start my writing, each day, knowing that I won’t have to stress too much. There isn’t anything I’m carelessly forgetting about. I will accomplish my goals, and our readers will have new articles to browse through in their spare time. It’s an amazing feeling!

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed getting a glimpse into my writing process. I get asked often to cover more personal content. Truly, the way I organize and accomplish tasks provides a good image of how my mind works. If you want more articles like this, let us know by giving it a like or share.

One comment on “Four Things Dani Does To Stay Organized As A Writer

  1. Google Drive and a notebook are the key tools for staying organised in this day and age. Maximum portability and works under most conditions. Thanks for sharing this!

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